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The Angel Reborn by Silent Knight (EP)

The Angel Reborn

The EP opens with a fresh recording of When The Fallen Angel Flies from the band's debut album Masterplan. This recording is how far the band has come in a short period of time. While the original recording is great this update really shows off the vocal strength and ability of Jesse Onur Oz.

The EP shifts gears into an acoustic version of The Ravens Return. The guitar work by Stu McGill and Cam Nicholas on this track make a stripped down version of this song still feel exciting and powerful. This is an enjoyable new take on what is my favourite Silent Knight song.

The EP then launches into the live tracks which all come from the bands 2015 release Conquer & Command. The production on these tracks is very crisp and clear giving the listener a feeling of being there. These tracks exhibit the strengths of this band with the soaring vocals of Jesse the rhythmic and melodic prowess of Stu and Cam, the thunderous melodic rhythms of Cameron Daw on bass and the monstrous technical drumming of Paul Wrigley.

The EP ends with a cover of Holy Wars...Punishment Due which was chosen by fans in a poll from the band (I voted for Run To The Hills - Iron Maiden). This is a very solid and straight forward cover of the song (Jesse even sings like Mustaine on this track) and while I'm not a fan of Megadeth I enjoyed this cover.

Track Listing

  1. When The Fallen Angel Flies

  2. The Ravens Return (Acoustic)

  3. Conquer & Command (Live)

  4. Empty Threat (Live)

  5. The Ravens Return (Live)

  6. Power Metal Supreme (Live)

  7. Holy Wars...The Punishent Due

The Angel Reborn

Reviewed by Sam Gibson
Welsh import. Beer drinking trumpet player who loves punk and metal

The Angel Reborn has been released in 2017. Silent Knight are from Australia.

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