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Voyage Into Eternity by Valhalore

Voyage Into Eternity

Imagine this: you’re watching Braveheart’s final battle scene mixed with every show from TV’s Vikings series whilst listening to classical composer Hans Zimmer. This then comes close to the epic nature of the album Voyage into Eternity from Valhalore, weaving a magical sense of awe, excitement and danger into a brilliant album.

Clean vocals mixed with gut wrenching guttural growls is entwined into a what I can only call a beautiful piece of musical art; all of which is from the band stowed away in a land not so far from here... Brisbane, Australia to be exact.

The album starts off with crashing waves and birds chirping, followed by a spoken word tribute by one viking to his fallen kin folk. What follows is an inspiring musical piece which draws us into the sense of the ensuing musical battle to be waged upon our ears.

I believe it is unfair  to comment on each song on this album. As each tell us a story unto them only to be found out by having a listen yourself. What I will say is that the six members of Valhalore have created a viking metal album that will stand high on its own merits, featuring moments of sincere serenity followed by the sheer brutality of battle. The musicianship is equal to anything I have heard from any classical composer or band for a very long time.

Proving that anyone can create such epic scene scapes with a little bit of time and imagination, this album will give the Scandinavian viking metal a sure kick up the clacker with such ferocity they’ll feel it in Valhalla for years to come. The cover art is outstanding and states the intentions of Valhalore perfectly. It stands alongside the music in harmony; a big high five to the artist who envisaged it.

I must remind those who read this review, this is the first release from Valhalore. This is a very scary thought for if this is the first album what will be when the 2nd hits. Valhalore have pushed the bar so high on this and I believe with the creativity shown on display here, only something greater is in store for us in the future.

All I can say is that the likes of Amon Amarth and Korpiklaani had better watch out the Aussies will be stalking the gilded beer halls soon. Heed my warning, they’re on the way.


Voyage Into Eternity

Reviewed by Adrian 'Dren' Barham

Voyage Into Eternity has been released in 2017. Valhalore are from Australia.

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