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Michael Lueders
Michael Lueders from NSW
Role: Founder, Master Of Disaster
Description: Michael has always been a metal head. By founding Metal-Roos he is realising his dream.

Anja Wendt
Anja Wendt from NSW
Role: All Website Development Stuff, Admin
Description: Not a metal head by trade but still loving it. Supporting Michael's dream and enjoying to develop the website.

Steve Monaghan
Steve Monaghan from WA
Role: Song Of The Day, Social Media
Description: Since the age of 11 when he got a copy of Metallica "Black" for his birthday, Heavy Metal has been a massive part of Stephen's life and that's not going to change - ever!!!

Adrian 'Dren' Barham
Adrian 'Dren' Barham from SA
Role: Reviews, Interviews
Description: Adrian is a devoted father of four beautiful children and a disciple of all things metal.

Matt Brown
Matt Brown from QLD
Role: Reviews, Interviews
Description: Vocalist & bassist of the band The Burning Colours

Sam Gibson
Sam Gibson from QLD
Role: Reviews, Interviews
Description: Welsh import. Beer drinking trumpet player who loves punk and metal

Scott Wells
Scott Wells from TAS
Role: Reviews
Description: Owner/Artist of Skull And Bones Designs

Max from SA
Role: Photographer
Description: Max is a guitarist in Adelaide Metalcore band Vault of Valor, curator of Australias first official Fear Factory museum and has a passion for live music photography with an ear to the ground on the local metal scene.

Liam Douglas
Liam Douglas from NSW
Role: Interviews
Description: Liam Douglas is Vice President of The Sydney University Metal Society and is in his 4th year of a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Sydney Uni. Liam grew up on thrash metal like Megadeth and loves seeing local gigs in Sydney. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>