80s Glam Rock Legends invade the Australian East Coast


The music of the 1980s and early 1990s will be remembered for its love of sing-along melodic big-hair rock and flamboyant glam image that saw both men and women sharing eyeliner, makeup and donning hairstyles with enough hairspray that it surely damaged the ozone layer. Together with exceptional musicianship and some of the most memorable rock anthems in music history, the world embraced Glam Metal like a new religion. 

Three decades on, these classic songs have stood the test of time and many bands from this era continue to release new music and tour worldwide to a legion of loyal fans. These legendary artists laid the foundation and influences for the emergence of the ‘New Wave Of Glam Metal’ and ‘Melodic Rock’ which has risen so prominently on a global scale in the past 10 years. 

MelodicRock Fest 2020 is turning back the clock 30 years and unleashing a plethora of some of the biggest international names of this genre on 6, 7, 8 March 2020 at the National Theatre, Melbourne. Legendary 80s artists including Firehouse, Kip Winger, Ron Keel, Janet Gardner (the voice of Vixen), Tony Harnell (the voice of T.N.T) and XYZ combined with ‘new wave’ bands like Eclipse, Crazy Lixx and Reckless Love will unleash their fury in this spectacular three day event. This is the first time this genre of music has been celebrated on Australia soil with such magnitude.

So as not to disappoint the army of Aussie 80’s Glam Rock fans in other states, a series of sideshows around the country have been announced which are guaranteed to have you reaching for your leather jacket, eyeliner and hairspray whilst jumping into your DeLorean to head ‘Back To The Future’. 

The first of these sideshows sees legendary 80’s Glam Metal artists Enuff Z’Nuff, Ron Keel (Keel, Steeler) and Janet Gardner (The Voice Of Vixen) with special guests Aussie theatrical glam rockers Crosson, tearing up the East Coast in three electrifying shows in Newcastle 28 Feb, Sydney 29 Feb and Brisbane 1 March.   

Don’t miss out on these shows or you’ll be left “Living On the Edge Of  Broken Heart”!

Tickets to MelodicRock Fest 2020 and all sideshows may be purchased from  https://www.melodicrockrecords.com/events

Friday 28 February
Enuff Z’Nuff, Ron Keel, Janet Gardner , Crosson – Newcastle, The Cambridge
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Saturday 29 February
Enuff Z’Nuff, Ron Keel, Janet Gardner (USA), + Crosson – Sydney, Crowbar
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Sunday 01 March
Enuff Z’ Nuff, Ron Keel, Janet Gardner + Crosson – Brisbane, The Zoo
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