A Brutal Cause – F*ck Cancer (Brisbane, QLD)

27 February 2016 at Beetle Bar

2.10 – 2.50: Sons of the Soil
3.20 – 4.00: Killers Creed
4.30 – 5.10: Evil Eye
5.40 – 6.20: El Gordo (featuring members of HELMET, HOLLOW, PLD)
6.50 – 7.30: Last 9 Days (feat. members of DAMAGED, SAKKUTH, DR 12 GAUGE)
8.00 – 8.40: In Death…
9.10 – 9.50: PLD
10.20 – 11: D9
11.30 – Late: Hollow

This was to raise money for Craig.  Sadly missed most of the earlier bands.  In particular I was looking forward to seeing Last 9 Days being a fan of Damaged, but at least I got to see what I saw.

In Death… – Five piece detuned death metal.  I saw In Death a couple of years ago at the Neck Wreck Festival, and even back then they were a force.  It’s good to see them moving up the billing.  These guys have a huge, huge sound. Once you get past the super aggressive vocals, you can hear the thickness of the riffs and beats as they move the air around me. They are clearly having a good time and there’s a fair bit of fun banter up the front despite the intensity of the tunes. The guitarist make good use of texture to add some light and shade.

Post Life Disorder – From here on in, these guys don’t play that often (most have reformed just for this show) so if you caught them tonight, you can count yourself fortunate indeed, as you could be seeing one of their last shows, at least in this line-up of their band.  PLD have been around since the 90’s and played every gig in town from soundtracks to Big Day outs.  Tonight they were a three piece.  To catch them all on this single show was a massive event and were still a super tight unit.  After some initial technical issues, PLD played a solid, well received set.  Their up-tempo style even had the upstairs crowd dancing and carrying on. Their last song was announced, and started slow and heavy, making the walls hum before breaking into more traditional PLD territory to wrap us up.  

D9 – Professional and ballistic, D9 have to be one of the best bands Brisbane have ever produced with aggression and energy to spare.  A six piece with dual vocalists from the late 90’s that are 100% the real deal.  If anybody was tired, you could not tell as we all surged to the front to get a better view.  The back of the room had emptied and when “the hunt” was played, the pit exploded. One of the best live bands there are. There’s a technical edge to some of their material, but you feel more like you have witnessed an airstrike than Rush if that makes sense.  They smashed out a great cover of Faith No More’s “Surprise, You’re Dead” before shaving a volunteers head to raise money for Craig and his family.

Hollow – Another institution in their own right, Hollow are also from the late 90’s.  They are a well-rounded band who have played years of shows, from supports for heavyweights like Entombed and Deftones, to Big Day Outs.  Their punchy, heavily compressed sound is full of gigantic grooves punctuated with precision stops.  The crowd had thinned a little at this point but this did not deter the level of action in the pit.  The singer was very energetic apart from when he called for a moment of silence, for the respect this event deserved.  Hollow continued producing monster rhythms late into the night, and are still capable of generating a dizzying array of changes.  They agreed to play one more after the crowd began chanting after telling us this was their last song.  It’s impossible not to nod your head along to these infectious riffs, even when it drops to a lazy reggae feel.   It’s worth noting how many bands tried this type of heavy technical groove style in the late 90’s/early 00’s and were absolutely unable to pull it off.  Hollow nailed it like they never even left it.  

Line-up: Sons of the Soil, Killers Creed, Evil Eye, El Gordo, Last 9 Days, In Death…, Post Life Disorder, D9, Hollow

Reviewer: Matt Brown