Alestorm in Perth 2019 (Perth, WA)

6 February 2019 at Capitol

Avast Ye! Landlubbers…  Best be weighing anchor and setting sail to Capitol. Gather round me harties, and let us plunder in this fine booty of swashbuckling pirate metal.

What better way to kick off any good Pirate shin dig, than with some good ol fashioned  “pARRty violence.” So raise the jolly roger and grab yourself a rum cos that be what the boys from Perths own 9 Foot Super Soldier do best. A barrel of laughs is garenteed with songs such as Durry Pirate and One too Many Acid. Just some of the thrashy little offerings off the bands 2018 EP Cheap Beer and $2 Thongs. Crowd favourites like Grindcore Dad and Day Drunk hit the spot like a beer on a hot day. These bogan buccaneers songs may be short and brutal but theres is definitly no shortage of quality musicianship and party cheer.

All hands on deck, ya scurvy bilge rats! As the notorious Cap’n Yarrface is about to board the stage. Nautical legends Rumahoy have set sail from far away shores to drink our rum, steal our wenches and party all night long.  Thar be no time for “Netflix and Yarr” this evening… as first mates Swashbuckling Pete – Drums, Cabinboy Treasurequest – Bass, Bootsman Walktheplank – Guitars have all been instructed to take no prisoners; the pit must walk the plank!

Tis must be the time for a Forrest Party indeed. So, come let us celebrate the bands newly released  album Time II: Party. Armed to the hilt with their most valuable item, a gun that shoots treasure, shooting rubys so tis be in compliance with australian gun laws. Ensuring their new track Treasure gun be a certified banger. Ye gaye o’l sea shanty Pirateship making sure the mosh pit goes off like a ham in the gallows.

Alestorm batten down the hatches and prepare themselves for all the rum, wenches and loot that this balmy Perth evening has to offer. Being three sheets to the wind in a mosh pit that smells like a cabin boys mouldy boot does not seem to bother this scurvy crew. As we raise our glasses high to welcome this offering of “old salt” to our Australian shores all the way from Scotland.

Shiver me timbers! We have all been Keelhauled strait out of the gate…  Followed by the the hearty pirate jig that is Alestorm off the bands 2017 masterpiece No Grave but the Sea. No need for a binnacle to find the Magnetic North here, just follow the direction of the crowd. It was that time in the evening to set sail Over the Sea to find a Sunken Norwegian. Then call upon some guest vocals from none other than Captain Yarface himself (yes we know it was you) What shall we do with a drunken sailor cos there is enough of them in the audience.

After an amusing pirate version of the Taio Cruz song Hangover, it was time for our special guests to pull anchor. Captain Morgan’s Revenge came in the form of wall of death so brutal that Davy Jones’ locker would seem like a day spa in comparison. All though dead men tell no tales that was was not the aim here, as we were all here to Drink your beer and not dance the hempen jig. Wolves of the Sea howl on the the wind with a hi,hi,hoo and a hi,hi,hey letting us all know its almost time to make our way abaft and out onto the street. But not before Alestorm make sure we are Fucked with an Anchor.

Line-up: Alestorm, Rumahoy, 9 Foot Super Soldier

Reviewer: Mary-Jane Kinnison