Alestorm Sydney 2019 (Sydney, NSW)

8 February 2019 at Metro Theatre

  • Beer – Check
  • Pirate outfit – check
  • The best pirate metal band in the world, a tuba on stage, a man dressed as fish, and a plate of beans – check

On Friday night I was lucky enough to attend pirate/meme metal legends Alestorm’s show at the Metro Theater in Sydney on behalf of Metal-Roos – it was night of good times, good tunes and good friends. As me and my crew approached the venue we were met with a line of pirates extending down the block, cries of “yarrr” and “ahoy” echoing across George Street much to the entertainment of normal city folk.

As soon as we entered the sold-out venue we fittingly grabbed a rum & coke and secured some choice spots at the front of the pit. Christopher Bowes and His Plate of Beans put on an amazing show, the ever-growing plate of beans that joined him on stage a testament to this fact. The band gave off some serious Troldhaugen vibes, of which guitarist Matthew Bell is also a member, and the tuba added something different and enjoyable.  Perfect jigging music and a great way to open up the night.

Next up were the balaclava’d boys of Rum Ahoy. This was my first time seeing them perform and I thoroughly enjoyed their set. The energy of everyone on stage was infectious and the sheer amount of alcohol consumed was impressive. With catchy songs and a great stage presence I look forward to seeing what more these guys come out with.

After grabbing a well earnt drink we regrouped in front of the stage and prepared ourselves for the legends Alestorm. Opening with Keelhauled, the first metal song I ever heard as a wee lad, I had no option but to throw myself into the packed mosh that swelled and pushed like the sea in the middle of a storm. After extracting myself from the pit I took a second to appreciate the crowd that the band had brought together – there wasn’t an inch of free space and metalheads were pressed shoulder–to-shoulder all the way to the backrow of the Metro. Awesome.

When the first riff of Nancy the Tavern Wench rang out our crew decided that a row pit was necessary and luckily our fellow pirates agreed, much to front-man Christopher Bowes’ delight. After we had finished our journey the crowd rose back up to enjoy tunes from the bands latest release, 2017’s No Grave but the Sea, and continued the revelry. The mosh-pit had taken up most the floor-space by this point and continued to grow with every song. By the time the crowd favourite Drink came on the energy had reached a crescendo and, seized by the moment, I felt compelled to crowd-surf for the first time in my life. Buffered by the steady hands of the crew, me along with many others passed safely across the barrier and rejoined the mosh eagerly. A few more songs later and Alestorm put down their instruments to thunderous applause.

Fantastic night, fantastic bands. Yarrrrr!!!

Line-up: Alestorm, Rum Ahoy, Christopher Bowes and His Plate of Beans

Reviewer: Cal McGlinchey
Photocredits: Mira Live Photography