Alice in Chains Brisbane 2019 (Brisbane, QLD)

13 March 2019 at Eatons Hill

Thanks to a dear friend I scored tickets to this sold out all ages gig as a Christmas pressie! Remember kids gig experiences remain for a lifetime! Upon entering there were lots of fans of the grunge era laden in their Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and Nirvana shirts. I even scored a free drink as I won a discussion with a fellow Soundgarden fan as to how many times I had seen Chris Cornell live. Hence my philosophy – see as many live shows as you can you just never know when it will be the last.

And this evening was just that, another experience to add to the memory bank with a wonderful surprise beginning with Elko Fields as support. Cairns born and now Brisbane based duo with Kella Vee astounding the audience with her Les Paul and rockin blues and grungy rock Goddess voice and accompanied by drummer and backing vocalist Jhindu-Pedro Lawrie belting the kit into submission.  I was impressed as were the crowd with a fantastic response to their tunes. Kella was very humble as anyone would have been supporting such a legendary band such as AIC and they warmed up the audience perfectly. Catch Elko Fields at Mojo Burning Festival.

The crowd intensified in the already scorching ballroom as the anticipation awaited the arrival of the Seattle legends Alice In Chains. Hot off their Download tour of Sydney and Melbourne, this is not the first time I have seen them live and I hope not the last. They blasted onto stage transporting us all back to 1990 opening with Bleed The Freak and undoubtedly the crowd went wild! The night was full of highlights and the audience singing every song shows the dedicated fan base Alice In Chains have worldwide, from the young to the ones that were there from the very beginning. Other classics played were Them Bones, Down In A Hole, No Excuses, Angry Chair, Nutshell and Man In a Box, adding to the excellent newer tunes of Hollow and The One You Know plus many more. A 21 song set with encore screams finishing with The One You Know, Got Me Wrong, Would? and Rooster. Founding members Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney work wonderfully with their band mates Mike Inez and William DuVall who has some mighty shoes to fill and he does so gallantly. At times though the volume of the audience singing along overshadowed even the amplified singing and backup vocalsand each of Jerry’s guitar solos were met with cheers and whistles. What an amazing feeling that must be! Thirty years flashes before your eyes but tonight that flash of light shone so brilliantly! What can I say – Alice In Chains – you know where to find them, they are part of the Seattle Grunge history books. If you’ve never heard them do yourself a favour, it’s not hard to find. This stuff got me through my teenage years and anyone that grew up in the 90’s knows what I mean. Cheers! \m/

Line-up: Alice in Chains, Elko Fields

Reviewer: Tina Summers
Photocredits: Just Ignore The Camera