Alien Weaponry Brisbane 2019 (Brisbane, QLD)

6 March 2019 at The Zoo

Walking in and being bombarded with a wall of humidity and a wall of noise this can only mean we are in the iconic venue The Zoo. Newcastleton lads Take My Soul kicked the night off and ramped up the heat with their metalcore tunes. This 5 piece powerhouse are relatively new to the touring circuit but are sure making waves. Check them out and keep up to date with them here

Next up where Melbournites Copia. What a joy to the eyes and ears. Andrew Bishops incredible vocals ranging from growls to melodic singing backed up by his band members Bobby on bass, Glenn on guitar and Chris on skins. Excellent song structure with interesting time signatures matched with headbanging good riffs made this a very enjoyable set. Audience encouragement and participation to sing along with the last song was just the icing on the cake for how fun Copia were to watch and listen too. Catch their new album Epoch here at band camp. Another Aussie metal band to add to your list of must-sees:

And onto the headliners Alien Weaponry. What can I say? Absolutely sensational! I don’t usually like to compare bands but these young fellows are like the next New Zealand Sepultura! Singing in language heralding and honouring their Maori heritage, finds the tribal connection within us all. From the first time I saw them live at the Dead of Winter Festival last year you can hear the growth and progression in their live sets and their popularity is through the roof. The entire Zoo exploded into a sweaty mosh pit, each song met with a resounding response from the audience. Give them 10 years and they will be bigger than BIG! Mark my words!!! The most touching moment of band/fan connection was when a massive circle of fans interlaced arms around shoulders and headbanged together in unity. If only the so-called leaders of our countries could generate such unity and solidarity this material world would be a much better place. The family whanau vibe was heightened with the singing of Happy Birthday to the bassist Ethan and brothers Henry and Lewis encouraging everyone to celebrate their band mate’s journey into another year. Hail my Kiwi brothers – may the metal path shine brightly for you. Here is a clip of the last song Kai Tangata they played where the Islander tribal Warrior Woman was unleashed!  

Line-up: Alien Weaponry, Copia, Take My Soul

Reviewer: Tina Summers
Photocredits: Just Ignore The Camera