Archspire (Perth, WA)

26 August 2018 at Amplifier

As I turned the corner entering the dark alley leading to the Amplifier bar, I could already tell that tonight is going to be a good one. There’s a nice size line to get in and upon entering I was impressed to see a decent crowd within 15 minutes of the doors opening.

It’s creeping up to 8:30, I’m standing in the beer garden and I hear that distinct sound of feedback indicating the first band of the night are about to throw down. The lights dim as Unravel start to play their unique blend of death, thrash with some elements of grind and hardcore punk. The dual vocals from guitarists James and Shaun worked really well with the attitude the band portrays on stage. From start to finish these guys kicked arse. So if you like a bit of f#*k you attitude in your metal check these guys out in September when they support thrash legends Power Trip.

Next up is Perth’s very own tech death specialists Grotesque. I’d seen these guys multiple times over the years so I knew I was in for a treat. Having recently played Las Vegas Death Fest and countless international supports you could tell these guys are at home on the stage. A couple of songs in and vocalist Ross MacRae announces they feel slow knowing the act to follow. In all seriousness, they are definitely not slow, the pounding riffs from Marc and intricate bass lines from Joshua are met with a ferocious tirade of blast beats from Trevor Owen making for a very fast and brutal set. Truth be told they were the perfect support for what was to come next. Check there Facebook page out for upcoming shows, they will not disappoint.

Onto tonight’s headliners all the way from Vancouver, British Columbia the almighty Archspire. The place is full as the intro starts then like an explosion of sorts the band jumps straight into Lucid Collective Somnambulation from their second ep. Moving onto tracks from their 2017 release Relentless Mutation. Honestly blowing the minds off everyone in the room with relentless speed and timing. Midset and they play the classic Rapid Elemental Dissolve from their first release keeping more then a few people happy.

Just when I thought they couldn’t top what I’d seen already vocalist Oliver Rae Aleron introduces the next song as “the rap song” which happened to be crowd favourite Calamus Will Animate. Followed by the “slow song” Involuntary Doppelganger which turned Amplifier bar into what resembled a war zone. With one last song to end the night being a personal favourite in Remote Tumour Seeker.

I can honestly say that these extreme metalers from Canada are some of the most talented musicians I’ve been lucky enough to witness. If you don’t see these guys when they come to your town you are doing yourself an injustice.

Line-up: Archspire, Grotesque, Unravel

Reviewer: Peter Mitchell