ARMI Summer Show 2015 (Adelaide, SA)

8 February 2015 at The Gov
Sunday afternoon, I had been to the big place across the road before but never to the Gov which is directly across the road. I'm here because the ARMI is in town and the troop are taking aim. The ARMI, I am speaking of ( for those who are unsure) stands for Australian Rock and Metal Institute – sorry Jack Black, but this is the real School of Rock. Founders, husband & wife duo Christian and Connie, have a school made for those who want to learn the finer arts of rocking out. They have the best teachers from vocal training, guitar, drums and bass… and all things in between.

Today's event is their 2015 Summer Show. When I walked into the venue it was hard not to notice. The place was full but not with filled with the usual black shirt wearing metal heads. They were there, don't get me wrong, but so were young children, lots of parents and quite a few grand parents all supporting their kids, the students of ARMI.

Starting the day off were the teachers who help the rock stars of the future. Next were the students who formed several bands – some students who were in several.

Playing tunes ranging from Joan Jett's I Love Rock n Roll, to a few songs from Tool which for me was a massive highlight. The dude playing bass on those tracks had them nailed – well done mate! Most notable for me were covers from Lamb of God, Guns N Roses, Iron Maiden and Korn.

The loudest song of the day had to go to the Christian and the Elder Statesmen of the day, with Jumping Jack Flash from the Rolling Stones.

Drummer and mentor Matt 'Skitz' Sanders from King Parrot and Damaged put on a drum clinic which is nothing short of inspirational to all aspiring drummers or just a powerful performance for everyone who is present to witness.

Local band Octanic are special guest playing a few tunes to the crowd who are loving every moment of today's summer show. Making friends and memories is ARMI student Jesse, a young bass player who covered one of Octanic's tunes in the class and is now playing with the band. He does a damned fine job, too.

Rounding out the day are Guilt Free and loveable larrikins (someone's gotta love 'em) Se Bon Ki Ra who thrash out tunes from their album 'In The Wake of Change'. The front of stage is full of the faithful head banging hard. Hats off goes to one of my mates who is repping another one of Adelaide's thrash metal band in Alkira. He was front and centre the whole day.

Today has been amazing, the amount of talent being groomed by ARMI is proof that the Rock/Metal scene in Adelaide is very strong and the future is very bright. A massive thanks goes to Christian and all of the teachers and students of ARMI.

ARMI is open for all to learn the skills how to mosh out. All ages and skill levels are welcome, located in level 1/98 Gawler place in the city. Check them out on Facebook or give them a call.

The School of Rock has never been so cool….. \m/

Line-up: Se Bon Ki Ra, Octanic, Guilt Free

Reviewer: Adrian ‘Dren’ Barham