Assault – In Aevum Et Illustrata (Album Review) 

Release Date: June 30th 2021 - Eastbreath Records

Assault – In Aevum Et Illustrata

Singaporean death metal band Assault was formed in 2006. They released their first EP in 2011 and full-length album The Fallen Reich in 2017. Assault has just released their second full-length album In Aevum Et Illustrata, which translates to ‘In The Age Of The Enlightened.’

The intro track is called Ingolstadt, which is a city in Bavaria, Germany. The intro immediately gets your attention with atmospheric noises coupled with a metronomic boom. Then comes an alarm-like sound with an organ playing chords of doom. It then adds strings and a brass section. It’s a fantastic way to start off an album and leaves the listener in suspense of what is to come. The second track is called Oration of Lies. It starts off very fast-paced and thundering guitars and double kicks and morphs into a very solid death metal song. The stand-out feature of this song is the lead guitars and solo.

Assault is a band that has influences from other metal bands but still is able to show their unique style in a genre of music that does have a lot of bands sounding the same. Even down to their guitar tone not being the typical scooped mids that are found a lot in death metal. Their music suits their name as it is an assault on the senses in the best way possible.

The song that stands out for me on In Aevum Et Illustrata is Orders Of The Bavarian. The chorus has such a good hook. There’s a call and response between the vocalist and the lead guitar. The bass guitar tone and riff just before the searing guitar solo just make this song stand out. I look forward to seeing what Assault release in the future.

For fans of death metal and metal.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Eastbreath Records
Category: Album
Country: Singapore

Reviewed by HaychBee