B.F.S. 21 June (Sydney, NSW)

21 June 2013 at The Bald Faced Stag Hotel

Still on our quest to go to new (for us) metal locations, we went to Leichardt where Our Last Enemy was playing together with Noveaux, As Angels Bleed and Witchgrinder. The Bald Faced Stag is quite different from last week's Valve Bar and probably more convenient to reach – at least for everybody from the North & West.

Gothic metal band As Angels Bleed , who did not allow the crowd to calm down. With 6 people they were quite a lot on the stage which did not stop them dancing and moving around, heating the metalheads in front of the stage up to new levels.

For the next band, Our Last Enemy , it was already their fourth show of their tour. We are not really Industrial Metal fans but Our Last Enemy with their aggressive and energy loaded show are definitely a big thumbs up!

Finally, Witchgrinder from Melbourne were taking the stage: Super fast guitars and a solid metal show! As Germans, we were not totally convinced with the German pronounciation of the Rammstein cover 'Bang Bang Bang' but the rest was just great.

Whenever one of these bands has a gig near you, it's worth going. Keeps the metal strong!

Line-up: Our Last Enemy, Witchgrinder, Noveaux, As Angels Bleed

Reviewer: Anja