Bongzilla Brisbane 2019 (Brisbane, QLD)

17 May 2019 at Crowbar

Your Mate Bookings, Young Henrys and Get on The Stage brought this onslaught into the depths of the Crowbar for the first leg of Bongzillas Oz Kiwi tour.

Local instrumental duet Chassm began the evening with their sludge rock guitar and drums combination. Hiding in the shadows but definitely not hiding their sound, ex- Mammoth members Elijah and Storm warmed up the coalfires of the sludge fans bellies and had an enthusiastic response especially when ending with fans yelling for more. Keep an eye & an ear out:

Our middle child were a personal favourite with The Black Swamp taking us into the swampy sludge depths of their metal groove. Members Brendan on Drums, Rohan on Bass, Jesse on Guitar, Josh filling in for Grant on Guitar (well wishes are with you Grant) and Luke from Azrael with his fine pipes gave us all a good head swirling time. Opening with Purge, then blasting into Witches and then onto a fav Common Crows. The enjoyment the members have together is obvious, the fun and revelry passes onto the punters of which there are many long standing fans. Finishing off with Headless the 1st track of their 2018 EP Witches was a fantastic crescendo to an excellent set. Always enjoyable & entertaining. Just playing & sharing because they love it! Cheers fellas! Have a listen – at “that one time at Bandcamp

Headlining the tour are Wisconsin stoner rockers Bongzilla. Their name pretty much explains a lot with their lyrics, merch, artwork and music expressing their adoration of old Mary Jane. In a haze of smoke and green lights they shook the core of each audience member with the doom sludge bass sounds of Cooter Brown, with Mike “Muleboy” Makela screaming over the top to awaken anyone that has dozed off from a pre-show compression session. The second Mike “Magma” Henry on drums kept the sludge in line whilst Jeff “Spanky” Schultz showed off his guitar talents. The room was full with dedicated attentive fans grooving along to their long renditions of songs. The set lasted a significant time much to the happiness of many animated fans. I am sure they will be well received by the rest of the country. I don’t know what is in the water in Madison but these blokes have been rockin it since 1995 and look like they are not stopping anytime soon.  Hitting Sydney Saturday night, jumping over the ditch this week in Wellington and Auckland, then jumping back again (because why not!) for some gigs in Melbourne, Geelong & Radalaide. Check them out if you like your metal stoned to the final chord:

Line-up: Bongzilla, The Black Swamp, Chassm

Reviewer: Tina Summers