Buckcherry Brisbane (Brisbane, QLD)

12 October 2019 at The Zoo

Silverback Touring gracing our shores once again with some classic Rock N Roll in Buckcherry.

Supporting the LA Rock Gods were Australian lads Bad Moon Born. Making the journey up from Sydney, their Hard Grunge inspired Rock was an excellent beginning to the evening. Maybe its my ear which is finely tuned to anything Chris Cornell related but I can hear their Rock roots influence & also influences of Soundgarden & Audioslave. Playing their singles Alive & Witch Trials which in the keeping of the headliners was recorded in LA, they are sure not only to breakthrough in Australia but surely in the overseas market. Catch their next moves here


Still rocking after over 20 years, Swedish thrash sleaze rockers Hardcore Superstar entered the stage to flamenco strumming & then blasted the audience off with Moonshine from the 2010 album Split Your Lip. With no lack of energy & headbanging abilities all members were in 110%. No holds barred rock n roll. Vocalist Joakim Berg had the punters constantly engaged clapping & singing & also getting some up on stage & handing out Jagermeister shots to the crowd to have a toast in the midst of Last Call for Alcohol. Having fun is of great importance & many times I was chuckling & enjoying the joviality of their set. Other classics & crowd pleasers were Bag on your Head, You Cant Kill My RocknRoll. Voluntary audience participation occurred with some of the Ladies in the crowd threw their boulder holders on stage, to which the drummer Adde donned when Joakim took over the skins & shows us all that he can hold his own! Finishing the set with Above the Law raising their middle fingers to authority, which carried over to their roadie who began mucking with their set, bringing out a ladder & making the guitarist climb it to sing backups & also deconstructing the drum kit whilst he was playing it. All without losing a beat & all the while the said roadie giving the finger to the members of Hardcore Superstar. What a fun show, great laughs & great tunes. I reckon the way they are going here’s to another 20 years!


Keeping with the flashback to the 90’s comes the headlining act Buckcherry. It all began in 1999 when the naysayers thought the world would end on NYE – but there seems to be no ending to the energy of Buckcherry. Touring on the skirt tails or should that be pussy tails of their new album Warpaint the LA lads have no shortage of energy & had many heads swirling & lots of steamy Ladies dancing. Kicking off with a Nine Inch Nails cover of Head Like a Hole then singer Josh Todd showed his appreciation of the female of the species & the sensual side of life with Porno Star & then Riding.  Treating us to a tune off the new album they launched into a classic rock ballad (which you don’t hear often these days) with Radio Song.  Other hits that they treated us to were Everything,Too Drunk & another ballad Sorry. The 5 piece have the last show of the tour tonight in Sydney so get along my NSW brothers & sisters – you’ll see cowboy hats, bandanas & leather lace up trousers & lots of hip grinding with this good old fashioned Rock n Roll show. Completing the set they teased the audience asking what they wanted to hear & reciprocated to the request for Footloose, then a medley of Crazy Bitch interspersed with Jungle Boogie & Proud Mary. Fun times! Final song which set everyone off was the bouncing Say Fuck It.  Buckcherry – They are Los Angeles California in a nutshell.



Reviewer: Tina Summers