Burnout 2020 (Brisbane, QLD)

31 January 2020 at The Woolly Mammoth

Wildlife Rescue Bushfire Fundraiser!
The Woolly Mammoth played host to help the amazing volunteers who are looking after our injured wildlife in the wake of this bushfire nightmare we face.

All proceeds go to Wildlife Rescue Bushfire Relief. The Sunshine Coast outfit is seeking to raise $100,000 to distribute to wildlife rescue centres and wildlife carers across the country at the frontline of our National bushfire tragedy. Money will not be restricted to the Sunshine Coast group, it will be sent to areas of greatest need.

Already stretched from the effects of the drought, these carers are all volunteers and totally reliant on donations for food, medicine and medical supplies. Most of it comes out of their own pockets. Find out more about their amazing work here.


Line-up: Goatzilla, Sunset Junkies, The Automaton, Speedracer
Photocredits: Just Ignore The Camera Photography