Cattle Decapitation Adelaide (Adelaide, SA)

21 February 2020 at The Enigma Bar

In The Burial opened proceedings with Dos Sevasta blasting to start the night, Mels brutal vocals ringing out through the venue. These guys have a symphonic majesty about them with their well crafted songs and execution. The drummer Fox looks a man possesed behind the kit as he smashes his way through their epic tracks. Mel mixes clean almost operatic vocals with the brutal growls and this adds a really good dynamic to their compositions. The crowd is enthusiastic for this quality act and the level is raised with a stand out track Arise the Heretics! It was good to see the crowd in early to watch these guys as they finished with a pummeling Author and Architect off of the Lamentations of Deceit and Redemption album.

REVOCATION, the co-headliner start with an alien like opening, which highlighted their excellent guitar tone.
They have a frontman with great stage presence who had the crowd doing as he said from the get go! This is quality grinding tech death!!! The now capacity crowd responded to singers call to raise the horns!!! Revocation are an excellent live band and as was to be expected the first mosh pit of the night erupted as they tore through their technical brand of death metal. Despite having slight technical difficulties due to the crowd pushing into the stage they then burst back into riffs making the crowd again go crazy!! Call for moshing was honored by the thronging mass and their set was clearly being lapped up!! Madness Opus was delivered with pure precision with its groove laden technical passages!! These guys also manage to have a mellow section that lost none of the feel of the song, which on a night like this is very impressive. The call for a circle pit was honored and they responded in kind with sick solos! Resistance is futile was well recived and had the biggest mosh of the night The Outer Ones title track from their latest album really showed their skill as a band and it very well mixed which really made it easy to enjoy all the more. Their final song was super fast and they turned it groovy with awesome solos. The crowd absolutely loved it and this band definitely has a new fan in me after this performance.
CATTLE DECAPITATION started with the opener from Death Atlas, as soon as the band appeared onstage the crowd went mental. It was clear who was the band most came to see tonight and with good reason. These guys write anthems of brutal tech death grind!!! They also inspired the first crowd surfer of the night! This band bring an incredible intensity with precision drumming, pummeling bass and perfect riffs! It is a full on aural assualt. When the band launched into Forced gender Assignment!!! It was as good a feeling as you get at a metal show!! Travis Ryan the vocist said it was for the people in the pit but everyone lapped it up. They played mostly from new album DEATH ATLAS but also from the Anthropocene Extinction playing Plagueborne from this killer album. Times Cruel Curtain of the new album was next and it sounded even better live, then on record!! So much so the bass player basically windmilled his hair through the entire song!!! All musicians in this band are top quality and Travis Ryan is an increible and engaging frontman. At this point the crowd literally bayed for more and they came out for an encore playing Manufactured Extinct to huge cheers of the crowd. What a night of brilliant metal!
EDITOR NOTE: Metal-Roos would like to wish our photographer Outback Bob a speedy recovery after he was rushed to hospital during In The Burial. Get well soon mate.


Reviewer: Roly Moore