Cavalera Brothers Return Beneath Arise (Adelaide, SA)

19 March 2019 at Governor Hindmarsh Hotel

This is a night that has filled metal heads with excitement and anticipation as two of Sepultura’s finest moments were to be represented at this gig; Beneath the Remains from 1989 and it’s huge follow up Arise from 1991. The success of the brothers Return to Roots tour made this gig seem even more special as people thought they may not get to see these songs played live. This is a greatest hits tour of sorts but because we know that it made it a celebration of the music and not in any way a contrived affair.

To start off the night local lads SHATTERBRAIN took to the stage and brought their heavily groove infected thrash to the waiting throng. As soon as they were half way through their first song the crowd had moved forward with more and more people joining in as their set continued.  Featuring ex members of Alkira and current members of tech death heroes Voros, I knew these guys could play. One aspect of their show that really impressed was the range of vocal ability by their lead singer. He showed he could do the deep growls and long screams as well as anybody going around.  These boys have good song writing skills, which was particularly evident on new track Pitch Fork Justice which will be on their new album. This is certainly an album to keep an eye out for when it is released. They did a great cover of Slayer’s Seasons In the Abyss before ending their show with two excellent tracks, one longer which just grew and grew in intensity and the closer which was a razor sharp thrash fest. A great way to start that evening that got the crowd geed up just the right amount for the headline act.

As the stage darkened and the space in front of the stage got filled to the brim the feeling that something special was about to happen overcame the crowd.  Max and Iggor Cavalera came out onstage to rapturous applause. Then with their two bandmates they tore the place apart. Opening with the classic opening track from Beneath The Remains title track, the crowd went crazy as a true metal classic poured out of the speakers, the crowd screaming along with every lyric! My favourite Sepultura track came next as Inner Self was unleashed on the crowd sending them into a moshpit that was as joyous as it was intense. The joy at hearing these songs live after so long was palpable through all the smiles you could see around you. The next track, Mass Hypnosis was basically metal karaoke as everyone sang along! They then ripped through Slaves of Pain and Primitive Future to which they received a rousing applause and metal horns from a now enraptured crowd.

At this point the band paused briefly before the tell tale sounds of 1991’s huge record ARISE  started to emanate from the speakers. The title track again sent the crowd crazy as the band ripped through a searing rendition of this brilliant song. This was followed by two absolute classic tracks, Dead Embryonic Cells and the head banging joy of Desperate Cry!  At this point of the show it is fair to say that everyone had received their money’s worth, but there was plenty still to come! Altered State and Infected Voice saw a circle pit and plenty of spilt beer hit the floor but no one cared as the enjoyment of the music overrode all. Next up they played Orgasmatron and half way through Max gave up his guitar to just sing and incite the crowd to go even more crazy than before and to keep screaming!!. You could see that he was having as much fun as we were.  The next track was not off either album with the band ripping through Refuse/Resist of Chaos AD.  They then did a tribute to Australia and brought Shatter Brain vocalist onstage to do AC/DC classic Dirty Deeds, again Max had no guitar for this one and just lapped up the love of the crowd. Well we thought that might be it but they finished off their set with a blistering reprise of Beneath The Remains/Arise and Dead Embryonic Cells!! What a show!! A night of nostalgia yes, but the energy of those songs was as fresh as the first time you heard them. Hence why they will always be classics!

Line-up: Cavalera Brothers, Shatterbrain

Reviewer: Roly Moore