Chelsea Grin + Born of Osirs (Sydney, NSW)

24 June 2019 at The Crowbar

Unfortunately, I came quite late to the party at the Crowbar and missed the first two bands but was there just in time for American crushers Chelsea Grin. It took them all of about thirty second to make the walls and ceiling shake with monstrous bass drops and some seriously down-tuned guitar.

I waked into the Crowbar just as vocalist Tom Barber hooked into a shoey offered by one of the punters. Tom stated that “Doing a Shoey each night” was goal for this Australian tour…launching into a new track again featuring trademark bass drops and ferocious screaming. Eternal Nightmare getting a rousing response from the drowsy and damp Monday night crowd at crowbar. Chelsea Grin did a killer job, inciting circle pits and violent moshing with storming track Hostage. Massive doesn’t start to describe the sonic power of Chelsea Grin and as the absolutely rammed Crowbar screamed along with middle fingers raised, the pit opened up once again for closer Recreant.

The air was electric with anticipation while waiting for Born of Osiris and even though the PA was playing a solid collection of early 90’s and 00’s metal the thick Monday crowd churned with energy ready to be unleashed.

Born of Osiris hit the stage like crazed balls of energy with Ronnie Canizaroand Joe Buras still sharing vocalist duties. The sound was impactful and bass heavy, you could feel the precise hits from each member of the band. Empires Erased is always a fantastic time getting the crowd jumping in time with that killer lead riff. Their set is stock full of Osiris favourites ranging from the first album The New Reign,Bow Down being a real treat, all the way through to their latest release The Simulation with Silence the Echo being a real standout. So heavy and with so much groove, huge solos from Lee Mckinneytearing through the chunky bass lines of recently joined member Nick Rossi. There’s not much ore you can say, Born of Osiriswere great, super tight and looked like they were truly enjoying being on stage (the bottle of Jamieson might have helped) which rubbed off on the eager crowd. The set was packed with the hits you wanted to hear.  When asked how many people had never seen Osiris before, plenty put their hand up, which is great to see. The show felt like it was over way too soon, even though they played about 13 tracks. Ending with the insane one-two punch of Machineinto Abstract Art simply epic. The sound at the Crowbar was intense, and also really clear, never too loud and still really powerful. Which, given the tuning of the bands and how muddy that sound can be was a great achievement. What a great way to spend a wet Monday night and to kick start the week.

Line-up: Chelsea Grin, Born of Osirs

Reviewer: Jonathan Hurley