Chop Suey/ Down With The Sickness – Canberra (Canberra, ACT)

29 January 2020 at The Basement

Wednesday night at The Basement in Canberra and we are being treated to the UK’s Number 1 System Of A Down cover band.

There are about seventy to one hundred Canberrans who have ventured out tonight to catch the show.  Not bad for a Wednesday night and in a city that can be quite fickle when it comes to live music, it has also been constantly under threat of bushfires to the South.

First up we get Down With The Sickness playing through a number of hits from Disturbed. These guys do a great job, with a huge amount of energy. The band consists of singer, Archie Wilson, bass Martin Jackson, guitar Josh O’Brien and drums Andre Joyzi. They are loud, tight and pretty impressive, singer Archie spends a good few songs on the floor with the patrons whipping them into a frenzy.  After a good 50 minutes or so it’s time for a short break before heading back with Chop Suey.

Chop Suey hit the stage with some slight changes, Martin Jackson is now taking on the lead singer role and on the bass is Sam Totman of Dragonforce. Martin informs us that Richard Shaw (Cradle of Filth) is stuck on touring duties but he is being ably covered by Joshie (which he was – Josh was brilliant). Archie takes more of a backup singer role on some songs. Chop Suey belt out over an hour of System of A Down tracks with hits such as BYOB, Ariels and Chop Suey itself.  The guys sound great and are tight.  The energy that they brought as Down With The Sickness is now even more intense. Martin ends up on the floor as well firing up mosh pits, walls of death and generally having a great time.

For the hundred or so punters that attended the night, everyone has had a great time.  They are all looking rather dejected that the night is over musically.  But to temper that, the guys from the band are coming down to have a drink with each and every one that stuck around.  All up a great night of fun and covers.

Line-up: Chop Suey, Down With The Sickness

Reviewer: Paul Kerr
Photocredits: Hold Still Photography