Claim The Throne (Australia)

Metal-Roos: Your Australian tour is about to commence, how is the level of anticipation sitting at the moment?

Brendon: From the band side, we’re pumped to showcase the new tunes and catch up with people around the country. Hoping there is some good anticipation from the fans too, all seems to be pretty hyped so far!

M-R: Is there a venue that the band particularly likes or dislikes?

B: On this tour, there are a few! Amplifier in Perth holds some great memories for us, Enigma in Adelaide is a ripper, and Bendigo in Melbourne is perfect for a metal party.

M-R: The new album came out in October. How have the reactions been from fans been, have the reviews been favourable?

B: We’ve been very humbled by the great reviews and positive feedback that’s coming through so far. Always keen to hear what people think both good and bad, this tour will be a good chance for us to gauge some opinions.

M-R: How was the process of recording the new album? 

B: We spent a lot longer than usual this time around, didn’t want to rush it and wanted to enjoy the process. So starting with proper pre-production with jamming and demos, then moving to the studio for drums, then the rest we recorded at home with our drummer Ash who is all over it.

M-R: In hindsight would there be anything you would do differently?

B: Not really, I think every album can be done a bit differently so next time we might change things up to keep it unique.

M-R: If you had a wish to play any venue in the world where would it be?

B: A big European festival stage like Wacken or Metaldays or Summer Breeze would be the ultimate touring goal for us.

M-R: If you could pick 3 bands to play with who would you choose?

B: The songwriting of Wintersun, epicness of Moonsorrow & ferocity of At The Gates.

M-R: What is life on the road like for Claim the Throne?

B: There’s plenty of rowdiness and partying, but always mixed in with professionalism and organisation so that everything always runs smoothly. The better we can pre-plan everything then the more time we have for laughing and drinking!

M-R: Does living in Perth offer any problems/advantages for the band?

 B: It’s tough for Aussie touring due to the isolation, expensive to fly 5 people over east and back therefore very hard to make any profits. But it’s cheap and easy getting to Asia. Touring aside, it’s not much different from living anywhere else!

M-R: Has the band’s sound evolved since the formation of the band?

B: It’s gone through a few variations, such as a couple of years doing upbeat folk metal party songs, but the latest album I think is not too different from what the first album was trying to achieve in terms of style, just much more polished with better song-writing and musicianship.

M-R: Have the band’s influences changed over time? Are there any new bands that have formed recently that you have found inspiration from?

B: Not drastically, the main influences have always drawn a mixture of extreme stuff and epic stuff. We love it heavy, but also love the melodies.

Evil Invaders are an insane thrash band from the last couple years, and whilst not exactly a musical influence for us, it’s inspiring to hear the ferocious energy and an attitude of living life loud! From a local perspective, bands like Earth Rot & Silent Knight are an inspiration to keep making opportunities for themselves rather than just waiting for things to happen.

M-R: Does anyone in the band have any bad touring habits?

B: Yeah, Dysie eats too many chiko rolls, Jim turns the air con up too cold, Ash uses highly offensive language and Jesse giggles too loudly.

Interview Date: 2018-01-12

Interviewer: Adrian

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