Claim The Throne Tour & Fenrir EP Launch (Sydney, NSW)

14 September 2013 at Hermann’s Bar
Appropriately, the metal show was opened by the band called Metal. The four old-school-metal-like long-haired guys who are just back from Japan were proving their metal. For the song "Heavy Metal" they got 2 members of the headliners Claim The Throne on stage.

Darker Half continued the heavy metal. They have quite a history of performing with well-known metal bands like Alestorm, Edguy and Paul Di'Anno. Darker Half plays great classic heavy metal influenced by some power and thrash metal. The singer's soaring voice combined with fast guitars which are duelling each other make Darker Half's sound pretty cool!

Fenrir, the wolves from hell, changed the metal style of the evening to speed / viking / pagan metal mix. They were launching their EP and got quite a crowd to support them. Flute, incredibly fast guitars and Duncan's classically educated voice bring in a good variety into already existing metal styles. They played some older song but also one of the new ones, Berzerker. Somewhere in the middle they got Michael from Metal-Roos on stage to sing one of Germany's big pop songs, Moskau, with Fenrir.

And finally, Claim The Throne got on stage. I immediately liked those rough looking guys because they kept drinking beer while they played. It suited their melodic death – folk / war metal style. The 5 guys and lady from Perth are on tour to promote their album.

After their show, I caught up with Duncan from Fenrir for a quick interview:

Did you produce the EP yourself?
– Well, we had 3 or 4 sessions with a producer who pointed out some things and discussed some ideas with us. He added a funkier baseline to our sound. Besides that, we did it all ourselves including the finances.

What's next? Album? Tour?
– We have already 21 songs and have material for an album. In the moment, we are focussing on launching the EP and spread the Fenrir sound out. We would like to tour… preferably in Germany or Japan.

How does Fenrir write their songs?
– Normally, I write them at home including the harmonies. Then the other band members are adding their influences. Our new song Berzerker was also new because we all wrote it together. It's maybe more down to earth. When I write the songs alone, I get labelled as too pretentious. Our drummer George often tells me they are too light or too long. Apparently, he doesn't want to play 8 minute songs.

How do you describe your style?
– Neo classical speed metal – Northern themed

Playing the flute is a bit unusual in metal…
– My background is actually classical music education. I have sung in chorals and choirs for about 12 years and played the flute over 10 years.

How did you get into metal?
– Oh, that's a funny story. In year 8, I was sitting in Japanese class and the teacher let us listen to iPods. I didn't have one but my neighbour borrowed me his and I heard "Fear of the Dark". I just loved Iron Maiden and from then on, I spent every cent of my pocket money on metal albums.

And how did Fenrir start?
– About 2 years later. There was a rock fest at school and Ben, Blake and I just started. Blake actually was a guitarist but we needed a bassist. So he cut the top 2 strings from his guitar and was a bassist. We then eventually met George and Anthony to complete Fenrir.

Metal-Roos thinks Fenrir are a really good band and we hope to see them growing and promoting Aussie Metal. Good luck, guys!

Line-up: Claim The Throne, Fenrir, Darker Half, Metal

Reviewer: Anja