Combichrist Brisbane (Brisbane, QLD)

3 October 2019 at The Brightside

Cudos to Destroy All Lines in supporting the underground industrial scene by helping to bring back to Oz the giants of Aggro Tech Gothic Industrial music – Combichrist.

Beginning the evening was the Sunny Coast larrikins New Clear Vision, donned in blood splattered Hazmat suits with a nuclear attack warning as the introduction & vocalist Brad appearing wearing  a gas mask it caught people’s attention just from an outer perspective. Then the music & colourful words spewed forth like a “newclear” attack. The influences of the NuMetal pigeonhole were apparent not just in the presentation but in the transitions from NuMetal heaviness & growls to a rap metal vocals & funk bass lines. An interesting combo & a few times they gave me a good chuckle with their audience interaction. New Clear Vision come with a language & content warning – keep up with them here if you are game

Favourites from the Goldy, Darkcell were next, as they are supporting Combichrist all around Australia. The room was full of return offenders who I see often at their gigs. They definitely have their solid fan base & this is due to them diligently gigging around Australia & just recently returning from their European tour. The set tonight was tight & as usual thoroughly entertaining & full of energy. They are the dark showmen of the local Australian Gothic music scene. From the first song Reign of the Monsters, the room was bouncing & hair was swirling. Other classics from their set were Burn The Witches, Hail to the Freaks & finishing with Preacher. This was one of the best sets I have seen from them thus far. Great work my dark brothers – may you go from strength to strength. Thank you for keeping the local Goth Metal scene pumping. They’ll be giving Melbourne a run for their money tonight.

The last time I saw Combichrist was the last time they visited our shores 8 years ago & I must say they have ramped up the entertainment & showmanship. Two drummers & a guitarist supported Andy LaPlegua in his barrage of American Industrial heaviness. With a Manager in Dez Fafara how can you go wrong! I have enjoyed dancing many long hours to Combichrist in blackened smoke filled clubs & to see this music in a live context is renewing my love for the heavier dance aspects of the Gothic subculture. Everyone was moving. This is heavy & you know it. Kicking off the set with the song Hate Like Me off the new 2019 album One Fire, tribal overtones with technology base is a winner for me in the dance department. Personal highlights were Shut Up & Swallow, Satans Propaganda, the slower grungy Throat Full of Glass, catchy dance action with Cant Control & an old school favourite from 2004 in Blut Royale. Finishing the main part of the set with the 2007 ripper What the Fuck is Wrong With You had everyone singing along to something that I am sure we have all thought from time to time. Encore blasts off with Electrohead & then is completed with new title track One Fire. For an underground alternative band to keep going for close to 20 years is inspiring & now I am going back through all my old Industrial albums & having some excellent flashbacks. If you haven’t heard of Combichrist I suggest you give their back catalogue a listen. You wont be disappointed & from promises made last night we won’t have to wait 8 years for the next visitation.



Line-up: Combichrist, Darkcell, New Clear Vision

Reviewer: Tina Summers