Cradle of Filth Sydney (Sydney, NSW)

8 September 2019 at The Metro Theatre

Hybrid Nightmares is a band that first grabbed my attention when they opened for Anaal Nathrakh back in March. A quintet hailing from Melbourne, they are not just any “run of the mill” support band. I was very much looking forward to seeing them play again, and hear their latest release, Obelisk.  They command the room, engage the punters and the singer Loki’s banter is very endearing. The front row of die hard fans in corpse paint and some medieval attire, horns in the air and dancing, attest to this, and any uninitiated fans were converted by the time the aggression of the guitars and guttural vocals of Ashes of An Astral Winter came on. We all got told to raise our beers and scream into it, which everyone happily obliged.
Whisper my name into the dark, and I will come.. in the  creepy chantings of Ex Mortiis definitely set the vibe for the night and Drink of the Waters, fast paced with Loki’s trademark shrieks was a great choice to end the set with the electric energy high and the crowd pumped for Dani Filth. I hope everyone did what they were told and headed straight for the merch desk so this damn fine band didn’t have to walk all the way to Canberra 

No matter how many times Cradle of Filth have been down under, tonight was a night for the die hard Filth Fans. Being a Sunday night in Sydney didn’t deter the numbers, and I was keen to see how many would have resurrected their now vintage Vestal Masturbation, or Jesus is a C*nt”  t-shirt especially for the night. Not to be disappointed, I spotted just under ten as soon as I walked in the doors. 

Everyone who knows Cradle of Filth knows Cruelty and the Beast, the infamous iconic album for which they are playing tonight in full. The fans know what to expect on a basic level, but regardless if you like them or not, they definitely put on a brutal live show . 
By the time the lights finally dimmed and the start of Once Upon Atrocity played, the members coming out one by one and finally, Dani Filth himself comes on, in a hooded cloak, and there was a giant surge of horns in the air. 
Thirteen Autumns and a Widow intro, and there was what we were all waiting for, Dani Filth in all his glory, err atrocity , those shrieks that warmed our heart or made our blood run cold when most of us were early teens back in 1998. 
Lindsay Schoolcraft contributing on the gothic keyboards  and vocals set the dark operatic ambience. Martin, the drummer who’s kit was enclosed in a somewhat Perspex box (which at first made me hope there might be sacrificial virgin bloodshed and this was so he wouldn’t get too drenched in blood) but who’s purpose was that which made the maniacal drumming sound amazing and clean. Interaction of the band members with each other was like a dark opera. Guitarist Richards looking like a Zombified Jesus doing windmills whilst simultaneously spinning around his side of the stage got the crowd in a state of euphoric mania. The circle pit was in full force, hardly a break in the energetic assault. Dani is still at the pinnacle of his career, and the night ended with us being gifted with extra songs such as Malice Through The Looking Glass amongst other classics such as Nymphetamine Fix. The biggest smiles were on everyone’s faces by the time they took their final bows. Roses and picks were thrown at us. We definitely relived the horror of that album from 21 years ago. There was vomit in the pit, can’t get any more metal than that. Definitely one of the best live experiences I’ve had this year. 


Line-up: Cradle of Filth, Hybrid Nightmares

Reviewer: Candy
Photocredits: Mira Live Photography