Danny Worsnop and Andy Mac (Sydney, NSW)

20 December 2019 at The Manning Bar

As we all enter the Manning Bar in Sydney, there is bluegrass styled music playing over the airwaves. A taste of what’s to come it seems! From the amount of Asking Alexandria shirts around, you’d be inclined to think we were all about to be squeezed into a mosh pit. Though by the time the first act comes to stage, this has turned out to be a much more intimate gig.

First up, we have Blake Cateris from Molly and the Krells come out and play us some of his songs that have a tongue in cheek attitude. Drowned in green light, his voice carries across the floor as punters start filling the place.

Next, Andy Mac is up and his sweet tones flood the house as he slap beats on his guitar with beautiful precision. Andy plays through a catalogue of his songs that ride like a roller coaster, showing us heart and reflecting on his awkward courting of a girl. After Andy leaves the stage, a foreboding presence arrives in the wait for one of Rock and Metals biggest names, Danny Worsnop, the Front man of Asking Alexandria is about to arrive.

We wait anxiously as the house lights dim and AC/DC’s For Those About To Rock starts playing over the house speakers. Guitarist Kasper emerges and starts the crowd before Danny Worsnop finally comes out to a very warm welcome from the crowd gathered. Danny greets the punters for this acoustic show and belts straight into his country inspired song Ain’t Feeling Sorry. We get a showcase of Danny’s songs from his new material as the crowd feed of the passion in the lead singers vocal prowess, hitting those high notes and leaving everyone cheering for more.

As Danny rounds up his set, he reminds us he has been away far too long and will hopefully be bringing himself and the other members of Asking Alexandria back, though for now, he would play through Moving On as his final song. With the entire crowd singing along, Danny feeds off the energy and gives one of his greatest vocal performances of the night. A cheering venue sees Danny bringing back out the acts from before and bid everyone goodbye with a bow. After the show, Danny and co would come out to meet the fans that have attended before he leaves for his next show.


Ain’t Feeling Sorry

Little Did I Know

I Got Bones

I’ve Been Down

Another You

Best Bad Habit

Keep On Loving


Mine All Mine


Am I A Fool


Moving On


Line-up: Danny Worsnop, Andy Mac, Blake Cateris

Reviewer: Will Hert
Photocredits: Will Hert Photography