Dark Funeral Brisbane (Brisbane, QLD)

5 September 2019 at The Triffid

As I entered the Triffid it truly felt like a descent into hell. The converted hanger was dark and ominously lit with red lighting [or cracks into hellfire?] and a large pentagrammic device decorated the back wall emblazoned with the words, Dark Funeral. Tonight was a side show of the Swedish black metal band’s Direct Underground Fest Australian tour with prominent U.S. death metal band Immolation. Supporting these two titans were Australian acts Descent from Brisbane and Christ Dismembered from South Australia.

First up were our own appropriately named Descent leading us down into the depths tonight. Having seen them supporting High Tension I knew their brand of death metal and hardcore would warm us up for the following acts. They did not disappoint. Their brutal energy and heavy groove belied the sparse early crowd.

Following the death came the black which set the pattern for the night. Hailing from Millicent in South Australia, the black metal band Christ Dismembered were playing their first Brisbane show. With the hellish lighting back and corpse paint across the band, the tone of the evening was most certainly blackened. The appearance of Odin in the crowd and doom-laden lyrics that called for the blood of Jesus Christ foreshadowed the darkness to come.

Immolation are a leading proponent of the death metal scene and tonight we all saw why this is so. The complex riffs and solos of Robert Vigna on lead were delivered in a unique highly expressive show of tight technique. To quote another patron, it was as though he was casting spells with his guitar. Coupled with the intense vocals of Ross Dolan Immolation had us transfixed. Thus spellbound, the now full Triffid crowd were firmly on the path to damnation and fully warmed up for the hellish Dark Funeral.

The overture began and the lights darkened. As the dirge ended Dark Funeral marched out on stage in full armour and the pallor of the dead. Last to arrive was Heljarmadr who proceeded to deliver the most brutal and ethereal vocals of the night, which was no mean feat. Garbed as knights in the service of the Beast, Dark Funeral delivered a set which transported us all to a haunted Scandinavian forest where Shadows Forever Reign.

After a little over an hour of blackened gloom the Dark Funeral set closed with the only encore of the night. Despite slight technical difficulties on the guitars [axes] of Lord Ahriman and Chaq Mol the band kept the show going displaying true adherence to their dark theatre. When their show ended, capping off an evening of blasphemous screaming and brutal dissonance, rather than exiting the stage as normal Dark Funeral showed us the honour they feel to their fans by walking out into the crowd to meet and greet.

Tonight’s show at the Triffid was a fitting precursor for Direct Underground Fest, the first Act in a diabolic play that is part show, part ritual.


Line-up: Dark Funeral, Immolation, Christ Dismembered, Descent

Reviewer: Will Ferguson