Darkc3ll Tour (Sydney, NSW)

9 November 2013 at Herman’s Bar
Rattling, shattering and a wall of sound announce Sydney's industrial metallers, Noveaux, who conquered the stage one by one; DJ and synths and then guitar, bass and drums. Together they created a massive sound before finally singer James added his scratchy and a bit robot-like voice to complete the sound. The show started and it's best to describe with their own words they promise in their bio: "There will be no prisoners, there will be no help. Only War." A note on Noveaux's EP Evolve – the band announced that hard copies are now available.

Next on stage were Cold Divide from Melbourne who played 2 shows with Darkc3ll (Sydney & Melbourne) promoting their EP Weaponized. With 4 members, the stage was a lot less crowded making place for more action like climbing crates to play music on several levels. It's an interesting and threatening mix of electronic, metal, industrial, rock, pop, violence and decay, Cold Divide produces. The singer has a catchy and memorable voice and they put on a full power mayhem show.

Tensions Arise – even though not industrial metallers – fitted their performance into the violent and menacing atmosphere of the evening. Tensions Arise have one goal: Metal! Shredding guitars and singer Kazzy Kage's hoarse growling made that really clear. Besides to that goal, they seem to love fooling around, teasing each other and being silly on stage while making very serious metal. The band shared a member with Noveaux whose singer/guitarist is second guitarist in Tensions Arise. It’s the last tour for founding member & bassist, Seraph Black, who has to leave the band due to personal reasons. Any of you bass players out there looking for a cool band to join?

During the previous acts, there were already dead men walking – zombies belonging to the headliner Darkc3ll. Brisbane's horror industrial metal rock 'n' roll quartet had created quite some buzz – not only with their album but also because their Melbourne show was cancelled when a promoter refused to let them perform due to the inverted cross on their album. This was a revelation for me because inverted crosses seem to be great metal symbols and are not worse than a lot of metal lyrics… anyway, that promoter certainly missed out in putting on the show of one of the upcoming and ambitious bands with a lot of potential to become internationally known. Darkc3ll come across very professional, putting a lot of effort into their appearance and make-up and taking their time to set the stage up with much attention for perfection. The show itself was electric from the band's energy. They play a great dirty sound mixed with J.Dracman's potent voice… and moves (reminding me of Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Picture Show)… this band is an act not to miss! They are touring Australia now to promote their new album Dark Verses. Go and see them – not only because they play fantastic dirty horror rock but also so you can say you saw them before they gained international fame.

Line-up: Darkc3ll, Tensions Arise, Cold Divide, Noveaux

Reviewer: Anja