Death Vs Grind (Sydney, NSW)

17 August 2019 at The Hideaway Bar

Saturday night, The Hideaway Bar became the battlefront for The Death Vs Grind Sydney Show. With a body laden venue in tow, NSW Grind Core act Bloodbomb were first to draw blood from the packed crowd. Gushing forth with body mashing grooves, The sea of bodies splashed across the floor, where not even the ceiling fans were safe. Playing through set with astonishing precision, the boys pulverised to set the tone for the rest of the evening.

You’ve barely caught your breath when Victoria’s As Flesh Decays drop the heaviest bombs you’ve felt as the thud from the kick drum feels like bullets hitting your chest. With the crowd now circling at the front of the stage in this tiny venue, bodies were sent flying across the floor when the lads pull out some old favourites to a hungry, unforgiving audience.

Canberra’s own Wretch are up next and the sea of people grows to flood the entrance of this pocket size place. With the cracking of the guitars we are dragged to the stage as the guys from Wretch rip through their set with blistering control over brutality. With blood and sweat flying through the air, the crowd surges to feed off the bands pulsating offering.

Last up is The Plague, hailing from Western Sydney and this band is not here to stuff around. The audience merge in unison as we are being cut to shreds by the guitars as they chug along to the chaotic drums spilling outside of the venue. Running over the favourites like running over bodies, the crowd now crushed, are left to mop up their mess on the way out.

As the bands load out, the bodies left standing slowly clear out, having been satisfyingly violated.

Line-up: Wretch, The Plague, As Flesh Decays, Bloodbomb

Reviewer: Will Hert
Photocredits: Will Hert Photography