Destruction Australia Tour (Sydney, NSW)

28 April 2018 at Manning Bar

Let’s open this one up by simply stating – this was one of those gigs that took the top of your head fucking clean off! This is the pure, unrelenting “thrash until death” aggression that folks will be talking to their mates about for years to come. It didn’t really hit me until we made our way over to the Manning after some pre show-ales; we were going to see fucking Destruction!

Upon walking into the familar “Hogwartesque” foyer of the Manning, we were immediately greeted by the sound of Lethal Vendetta rending the air. If you’ve never come across the lads before, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were hearing something straight from the old guard of thrash – no shit. Lethal
Vendetta has wasted no time hitting the stage with their debut release “No Prisoners, No Mercy”, wielding a stone solid rhythm section guided by Brennan’s driving riffs, Logan’s soaring vocals and powerful stage presence. Using the stage is key, and seeing musos not standing around like stale
bottles of you-know-what is good to see. Keen to check them out? Make a start with “Erasing Hate” & the albums title track “No Prisoners, No Mercy”.

The evening was a who’s who of Australian metal, with many of the old & new guard out in force. Whilst the beer certainly did flow (naturally), it was easy to see that there was a lot of activity stirring in the Aussie metal underground, and with it the promise of new events and projects aplenty.

The change over went quickly, with Killrazer ripping patrons attention stagewards, and a horde of booze fueled thrashers surging forwards. I greatly doubt that there were many strangers to the Dalton’s Sydney mainstays in the crowd, which I’ll add, by this stage more than a bit warmed up for the headliner. With more than a decade racked up under their belts, you always know you’re in for a vicious set when these guys hit the stage. The crowd was treated to hearing some of the long awaited new materials, along with some familiar tracks such as “Legions” and “Salt in the Wounds”.

After sinking a few and catching up with comrades, glaring MAC lights circled the stage like search lights around a military prison, the pre-show music faded to an all too familiar sound; it was time.

Destruction unleashed their special brand of brutality upon Sydney’s Manning Bar in monumental proportions. This was my chance to finally see the German thrash masters in the flesh. For me, they’ve been one of those bands on my list that I’ve always managed to magically miss out on – but not this
damn time! From the moment they ripped the crowd towards the stage with “Curse the Gods”, to plowing through “Bestial Invasion”, the whole time felt like plunging headlong into battle on a steed of steel. “Dethroned” was a highlight, the crowd throwing the horns high, and going arse up in the pit for the first time in ages (Cheers for the hand Gary Grim!).

All in all, as we bid the Manning farewell until next time, and everyone moved off to their next drink, we heard nothing but praise from the punters. A night of true thrash that was tempered by one of the Teutonic greats, we’ll be talking about this one for awhile.

Line-up: Destruction, Killrazer, Lethal Vendetta

Reviewer: Nat Harmer
Photocredits: Michael Lueders