DevilDriver Sydney (Sydney, NSW)

22 August 2019 at The Metro Theatre

Opening the night were Aussie crushers Lycanthrope. Beginning their set on a sombre note the vocalist stood alone and hypnotized the audience with an emotional serenade as his bandmates walked on to join him. They were met with an enthusiastic response from the eager and willing crowd at the Metro. As the song really kicked in adrenaline powered their performance and confidence oozed from the six-piece as they stalked the stage. Lycanthrope absolutely smashed it tonight, I even heard from a few punters that they were the stand-out band of the night, they slayed that hard with their killer tunes. The only negative thing I have to say is about the sound of the Metro. Being a six-piece, it was really important to hear the intricacies of their performance, you could tell by watching that they were fantastic musicians, but I really couldn’t hear anything from the two lead guitarists nor the bassist. This made it very difficult to appreciate most of what they were doing, which truly was a pity. Sound demons aside they made a fan out of me and I can’t wait to check out their recorded material and see them again.

All That Remains have always been a greatest hits band for me, not necessarily a bad thing since those hits are bonafide bangers. Opening the set with This Calling All That Remains reminded the Metro about how good they could be. Enduring the loss of Ole Herbert last year has not slowed the band one-bit, new single Fuck Love is absolutely dominating with vocalist Phillip Labonte putting on a clinic with his screams. Visiting The Fall Of Ideals for the next fee tracks the floor of the Metro ate it up, as the mosh pit churned all over the place during Not Alone and Guitar Heroclassic Six. Jason Richardson did an absolutely outstanding job on lead guitar, he totally nailed it. All That Remains are truly on form, I hope they revisit our shores soon. Killer Set.

I forgot how good Devildriver can be. They brought the noise tonight and the Metro responded in kind, the circle pit only stopped to form a wall of death and a mosh pit. The energy of the crowd gave Devildriver more bite tonight as they threw out some surprise tracks in the beginning of the set with Grinfucked. Then it was a set laden with hits, burning through Cry for Me Sky and Hold Back the Day, I Could Care Less and the simply vicious Not All Who Wander Are Lost. Seriously the pit was insane with chaos spilling all over the floor and beverages flying everywhere. Big props to the Metro crowd though, everytime I saw someone go down three people jumped in to pick them up, which is fantastic to see. I never thought Sail would work from Devildriver but damn it sounded good. Dez Fafara is quickly turning into an icon of our scene and he did not disappoint giving it all during the massive Before the Hangman’s Noose with an ending hot enough to scorch the sun.Dez told the crowd there would not be an encore because that’s not punk rock, but Jesus we wanted one after the one-two punch of Clouds Over California and (personal favourite) End Of The Line to finish the set.

A wicked night with three brutal bands giving it their all, those who missed it, missed out.


Line-up: DevilDriver, All That Remains, Lycanthrope

Reviewer: Jonathan Hurley
Photocredits: JAB Photography