Devonian ‘Witchcraft’ Ep Launch (Brisbane, QLD)

24 January 2020 at The Woolly Mammoth

Another cracking night of great music hosted by the Mammoth. Not the busiest of nights crowd wise, but that didn’t stop the line up giving outstanding performances for those lucky punters who came. Having been lucky enough to have seen 3 out of the 4 bands before I was pumped, especially knowing that Devonian were going treat us to some newly released goodies.

Getting the proceedings underway was Torizon, with a sneak peak of a new song and knowing that there is new music in the works, we were treated to a solid vocal performance accompanied by heavy bass tones and a sound rhythm. Sometimes heavy, sometimes punkish, always rocking. This band is one I enjoy and would quite happily watch again and again.

Being the only band on the list I hadn’t had the privilege of seeing before it was a real treat to hear For the Wolves live and loud. With an undeniable old school rock feel and some technical guitar work the blend between old and new is seamless and completely enjoyable.

Onto our next offering was Seraphic. I have definitely had the pleasure of enjoying their piano driven gothic metal performances before and really enjoyed the set they offered up. It’s always good to see a bassist who gets involved in the proceedings and really enjoyed the addition of his guttural vocals.

To say Devonian brought their game on the night would be an understatement, heavy hard and brutal and that’s just the vocals! Outstanding set, everything I was expecting and more. It’s one thing to hear them recorded but is completely different to experiencing their sound live. 

The new EP Witchcraft is a must listen to anyone who enjoys the heavier side of life, an epic listening adventure of sometimes sweet sometimes scary vocals and cracking guitar riffs. Not to be forgotten is the solid bass lines and kicking drum work that really brings this whole sound together. 

Always keen to hear female vocalists perform in the metal arena it’s was absolutely my pleasure to be treated to such a diverse range of vocal styles from differing genres. Not to be out done the boys from For the wolves certainly did their part to stand up and be noticed. 

You can catch them next week when they play with some of my other favorites on the Gold Coast.

Catch their next show here


Line-up: Devonian, Seraphic, For The Wolves, Torizon

Reviewer: Stephen Simpson
Photocredits: Just Ignore The Camera Photography