Drawn Together Tour Brisbane 2019 (Brisbane, QLD)

14 February 2019 at The Triffid

Valentine’s day! What does this mean to you? Chocolates, Flowers, Expensive cards? Stuff that!  For me I got to spend the night working with my photographer husband of 16 years doing what we both enjoy the most. We were privileged to be invited to review what is one of Australia’s most successful independent bands. I have wanted to see COG live since I first heard them playing on Triple J way back when.

COG are touring the East Coast of Australia before taking off for their European leg in March, coinciding with the release of the new single Drawn Together. Joining them tonight are two equally amazing bands who are also showcasing their new singles. Brisbane’s very own progtastic awesome foursome Osaka Punch & Melbourne’s Aces of Basses, The Omnific combine forces to make this one epic line up. Both supports have toured together recently bringing with them a strong following tonight proving they are also deserving of their own headliners.

Starting off for this sell out epic night was The Omnific. This young progressive instrumental trio are made up of just 2 basses and one drummer and a bucket load of talent. That’s all it took for these atmospheric musical superstars to gain a large international interest from all corners of the globe. Having experienced this band play 3 times over the last year I can see why they decided on their band name. The definition of the word Omnific means “creating all things; having unlimited powers of creation”, it’s very fitting. Starting out, this band first developed a sound with smooth melodic tones but soon advanced and had a taste for the emerging heavier prog sounds. Their latest single The Stoic, is much darker then their previously released singles. It shows the groups continuous thirst to improve and produce heavy progressive music that is highly sought after, not only in the Brisbane and Australian music scene but also internationally. Their performance tonight was not short of the energy shown in their latest release. The crowd was drawn in from the very beginning when they opened with Pharaoh. Matt Fack and Toby Peterson-Stewart continued to mesmerise the audience with their catchy riffs and enchanting melodies with drummer Jerome Lematua completing their sound. At the barrier I felt it get tighter as they continued into their set, the audience were loving this trio and were moving in. They went on to play one of my favourites KISMET, then blew us away with their first live performance of their latest release STOIC. They finished off their awesome set with OBJECT DE VERTU. This band although young, (by no means a disadvantage) mean business. I look forward and I’m excited to see where they go from here.    

Next up was Brisbane’s little gem, Osaka Punch. These boys have been making headlines for a while now and each show they keep getting bigger and stronger, building their very own army of OP fans. I am yet to meet anyone that has been to one of their concerts and not walked away a huge fan with at least one of the charismatic catchy tunes stuck in their heads. By word of mouth, new fans get recruited and invited to future shows adding to the ever-growing fan base. Their energy is described as addictive, their sound as infectious and their stage presence makes them one of the best live acts I have ever seen. These cheeky lovable boys know how to capture the audience and have everyone in the crowd eating out of their hands. With everyone singing and grooving along to their catchy tunes and hilarious stage antics you can see Osaka Punch are true musicians. There is no denying, I am a huge fan of this band not only for their music but of its members. Equally, each member goes out of their way to make their fans feel the love, sadly a trait lost in far too many bands once they make it. As a seasoned fan, after the many, many shows I have been to, they continue to show up and bang out their trademark punchy attitude putting on a polished show, always served with a side of mustard.

With the Triffid now filling up you can see that these boys know how to pull a crowd. The personal space rule was thrown out the window as the audience moved in closer to get a slice of the action. They started their set with a crowd pleaser and teaser, walking out on stage to the Baywatch theme song and jumping straight into Bomp. They then moved onto one of my favourites How We Operate and seconding the blow with their newly released single Hall of Shame. With both songs being off their forthcoming album, you could see the excitement and energy shown with performing them. Throughout the set front man Jack Venables addressed the spirited audience and engaged and encouraged us to participate in a very entertaining evening. The interaction between members shows the connection they have as performers and mates. Venables made sure the show was about the contribution of the whole band by introducing guitarist Chrispy Town as “Hippy long stocking” while describing his tie-dyed attire and long flowing hair. He continued throughout the set to interact with his hilarious stage antics flapping around Bass player Brenton “Reggie” Page and admiring drummer Dane Pulvirenti’s skills like a fine piece of art. They continued pleasing the loved-up audience on this Valentines evening playing more favourites and finishing them off with a bang playing Electric Jam on Boggie.  Most are already a fan of Osaka Punch, some have heard the name, but until you experience what these guys have to offer live, your life is incomplete. I would highly suggest you get onto it and check out when they play next.

Finally, we have arrived at the main event, although to be honest, it felt like we had a night of headliners. But it was now COG’s turn to show us what they had. We were treated to a structured, familiar set of favourites with the bonus of hearing their latest single performed live. COG started off with their traditional opener Doors, slowly and gently preparing us for what was to come. The audience silenced eagerly waiting for what many have waited a long time for, or for some, like me, to finally see the awesome COG live. This song created electricity and energy in the crowd, building them up to be amped and ready for what was to follow. This trio from Sydney consisting of brothers Flynn Gower (vocals, Guitar), Luke Gower (Bass) and Lucius Borich (drums) gave us what we wanted. A magical performance with Flynn captivating the audience with his enchanting vocals. The crowd joined in celebration, clapping and cheering them into their following set list. Songs included Resonate and The Middle with the audience joining in and singing along. Their newly released single Drawn Together was a huge hit and added to the enthusiasm already showing in the busy sold out venue. COG finished off their set with my favourite of the night Birds of a feather.

 A great night out at one of my favourite venues with everyone walking out with ears and souls’ content and satisfied. The Triffid is an amazing musical venue that has seen the likes of many extremely talented artists and tonight was no exception. This is a tour is not to be missed, proven by their x4 Sold out shows. Another 5 shows on the East coast are still available but get onto it now as these shows are selling out quickly. Checkout the venues below, you don’t want to miss out on this one!

“In COG we trust”

Line-up: COG, Osaka Punch, The Omnific

Reviewer: Cherie Smith
Photocredits: Just Ignore The Camera