Ellis DeWald EP Launch (Brisbane, QLD)

16 February 2019 at Tomcat

Ellis DeWald’s much anticipated EP is finally here, and on a warm Saturday night I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Billy (vocals, guitar), Brooka (bass) and Scotty (drums) launch this awesome grungefest EP City Black in person at Tomcats, Brisbane. Also supporting Ellis DeWald that night were three talented bands consisting of Mister Sister, The Bear Hunt & Fox Company. Not to mention the new and improved sound system at Tomcats turned this already a 10 gig, up to 11.

With Ellis DeWald’s Billy on bass, the damn awe-inspiring vocals from the colourful front-woman Paige blended with all the catchy rock’n roll tunes Mister Sister has to offer, just makes you want to boogie. While only a fairly new band on the scene, the extremely talented and young Mister Sister busted out their well written songs and executed all of them extremely well. A must see.

Coming hot off the release of their new music video for Your Halo Is Loose and the drummer Marty’s final gig, The Bear Hunt really blew me away and didn’t hold back the punches. Creating plenty of atmosphere and soul with their sloj/grunge tracks mixed with unexpected screaming from vocalist Bec’s awesome soulful voice, The Bear Hunt made for an unforgettable set.

Hailing from Sydney, these groovy gods of funky power blues ballads combined groovy riffs, Bon Jovi-esc vocals and plenty of crowd sing-a-longs. With crowd favourite surprises galore including a much appreciated ‘My Chemical Romance – Teenagers’ cover, nothing about Fox Company felt out of place and really made an impact to everyone on the dance floor.

Finally coming to Ellis DeWald. Let’s go through the invidual songs:

1: Plated in Gold – Bouncy and Grungy, somehow melancholy at the same time but still makes you want to dance. Funky riffs and drums for days. It’s a good opener to give you a taste of what’s to come.

2: Hammer – Chugging drums that feel like a locomotive drive the momentum of the song. Plenty of harmonies mixed with the whole crowd singing the chorus along with Billy, it was a clear fan favourite banger.

3: Head – Very reminiscent of ‘Alice In Chains’, this was a very groovy tune with plenty of sex appeal to boot. Beautiful guitar licks break up the structure to create more diversity, you didn’t know where the direction of the song was going but it will definitely (pardon the pun) stick in your head.

4: Light The Night – One of my personal favourites, the slowed down tempo infused with Billy’s infectiously sexy vocals create an awesome contrast of duality between the verse and chorus.

5: Brisbane Summer Storm – This is the 1st track on their EP, a haunting little intro tune in a similar style of ‘The Doors’. Creates heaps of atmosphere before blending perfectly into the next song – Fall.

6: Fall – Headbanging 6 minute sluj extravaganza, chunky riffs and harmony rich melody. It’s like the result of ‘Queens Of The Stone Age’ and ‘Alice In Chains’ getting high and had a baby.

7: Inevitable – Changes the pace for a little bit, grungy and stoner riffs to start with. But then it kicks into gear towards the chorus, it’s a nice tune to break up the set for a bit.

8: We All Know – Double kicks galore with some really sweet classic rock/blues vocals. A lot of fun to watch with all the stage presence that’s going on, the drummer Scotty looked like he was having the time of his life.

9: Silverblood – A real toe-tapping ear worm, and the constant beat helps to rock this along. The ambience rich guitar melodies infused with Billy’s iconic voice creates a really unique rock ballad.

10: Ball And Biscuit – For Ellis DeWald’s final song, an unexpected guest from the crowd jumps on stage to supply the sexy harmonica for this goddamn awesome classic blues tune. I’m pretty sure everyone in the front row got pregnant during this banger. It may have been a free entry gig but I would pay to see all these talented young musicians perform again, definitely worth the price of admission.

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Line-up: Ellis DeWald, Mister Sister, The Bear Hunt, Fox Company

Reviewer: Shades