Elusive God – Trapped in a Future Unknown (Album Review)

Release Date: May 20th 2022 - Rafchild Records

Elusive God – Trapped in a Future Unknown

Following up on their debut EP “The Darkest Flame” Croatia’s faceless trio Elusive God deliver their first full-length album Trapped in a Future Unknown which poses many questions and the connection between art and expression.

Taking their atmospheric doom-laden approach Elusive God and vocalist Elusive T. create diverse lyrical patterns that entrance and inform the listener, It is complex, not unlike that of Candlemass where every word is delivered with clarity and intent the music is melodic and memorable giving tracks ‘’Shadow, Beast, Devil” depth and resonance “Worthless Words” epitomizes reflection and passion, dynamic, rousing and gloriously heavy. ‘’Price to Pay’’ reconnects with the progenies of metal with its glorious Wah-wah and impact of destiny. The rhythms are huge and purposeful delivered with the directness and energy that is uniquely Croatian, imbued with fighting spirit.

Cultured, poignant, and taking traditional epic doom and infusing it with new ideas. ’’Where is the Sun’’ is a true highlight of passion and heaviness with great riffs, it borders on classical with its baroque interpretations but is still pure metal with its excellent soaring solo, ‘’Deception Greed” is more musical greatness.

Musically demanding Trapped in a Future Unknown requires an attentive ear. They eschew the superficial for something that is tangible yet just out of reach. Giving each composition depth and incredible weight Elusive God breathe life and fire into their brand of the heaviest subgenres of metal.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Rafchild Records
Category: Album
Country: Croatia

Reviewed by Sparky