Eluveitie Sydney 2019 (Sydney, NSW)

17 May 2019 at Manning Bar

Saralisse packed some serious punch for the already dense manning crowd, with songs about dragons and other fantastical subject matter. The consummate entertainers had their stage presence on show, the vocalist’s powerful screams surging the band’s sound forward. Employing the crowd’s voices and they delivered with impassioned chants and fists in the air. Truly impressive riffs and strong leads with a hits delivered on the drums like thunder Saralisse really impressed the manning crowd tonight.

Eluvietie took the stage to rapturous applause, bathed in purple, and launched into the title track from the most recent release Ategnatos. Sounding truly fantastic with the synchronised headbanging of the Nicole Ansperger on violin, Fabienne Erni on harp and Michalina Malisz on hurdy gurdy players quite a sight to see.  

It has to be difficult to fit 8 musicians on the Manning’s stage but Eluvietie pull It off with ease. Sounding strong and clear, each melodic voice distinct and blending with each other excellently. As the leader Chrigel Glanzmann walks out to his mic stand equipped with a various assortment of musical weaponry the crowd surged forward cheering his appearance. He proceeded to play his flute in synch with the violin as some sort of crazed Pied-piper and the crowd loved every last second.

Seriously fantastic performers all around, well-rehearsed and tight, their synchronised playing looking as good as it sounds during songs like Nil and Black Water Dawn. The lighting really making a strong impact, setting the mood for each song well. Eluvietie convey such a great energy from the stage, their pagan folk melodies and stirring performances making you want to join in the fun and dance the night away.

Eluvietie utilised their entire back catalogue for tonight’s show, visiting Everything Remains (As It Never Was) and Helvetios, with a stirring rendition of fan favourite A Rose for Epona enticing a big sing along from the crowd. Fabienne Erni sounded fantastic, her crystalline voice filling the Manning.

Taking the set to truly acoustic moments when visiting the Evocation II album, with Matteo Sisti bringing out the pipes and Chrigel bringing out his acoustic guitar combining with violin and hurdy gurdy for a rousing rendition of Lvgvs. The band then departs as Fabienne Erni gets a moment in the spotlight a chilling performance of Artio, reaching an amazing crescendo. To counterbalance the acoustic spot Eluvietie also brought out the heavy with the loudest song of the latest album Worship.

Eluvietie put on a remarkable performance, including all the hits, deep cuts, instrumental spots, hell even a drum solo. Ending the night with the massive Inis Mona the crowd at the Manning didn’t want to see them go, cheering and calling for more. A fantastic night for all.

Line-up: Eluveitie, Saralisse

Reviewer: Jonathan Hurley
Photocredits: Mira Live Photography