Endless Loss – Traversing The Mephitic Artery (Album Review)

Release Date: March 25th 2024 - Nuclear Winter Records

Endless Loss - Traversing The Mephitic Artery

From their beginnings in 2016 with their “Solitary Starless Beast” demo, Australian duo Endless Loss have taken the bestial components of death metal and infused them with black metal. 2022 saw the release of their Ep “Bloodletting Narcotic Divination”. Traversing The Mephitic Artery is twenty-eight minutes of pure hateful intent that marks its debut.

Infused with a thick war-like intensity, Traversing The Mephitic Artery offers no respite, their tracks are short sharp precise. It is savage raw and openly hostile. From ‘’ Nexus Webs of Malefic Prescience’’ to closer ‘’Impenitent Draconian Triumph’’ Endless Loss creates the sort of brutal extreme music that way it should be, its fast, incredible so in places and it merges the ugliness of both genres into a new twisted form that reeks of malevolence violence. ‘’ Grave Subjugation’’ is intense and unstoppable with a riff that harkens back to the days of when extreme music was dangerous and ugly. The technicality of the songs is literally hurled at you with such urgency.’’ Vertiginous Depths of Unchained Hedonism’’ has a crazed solo buried under the bombardment of hi-hat and cymbal carnage, the main riff a lurching ode to both black and death metal, when the tempo slows as on ‘’ Mouldering Resurrection’’ it is no less severe, the time changes and riffing giving an edge and prowess to the constant barrage.

An unrelenting unrepentant assault that frays the nerves and damages perceptions. Traversing The Mephitic Artery is the epitome of crazed primal forces coalescing into a hateful union of extreme music pure in spirit and ferocity!

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Release Year: 2024
Label: Nuclear Winter Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Sparky