Entombed A.D. (Adelaide, SA)

12 May 2017 at Fowlers Live

It’s Friday night and there is a scent of excitement permeating around the city of churches. I’m on my way to one of my favourite venues tonight, Fowlers Live. Tonight my teenage self would be a mess of excitement, fast forward a few years and the exact thing is happening tonight along with the brothers and sisters of the Adelaide metal community. We are about to witness the Swedish Juggernaut Entombed A.D.

Kicking off the night festivities fresh off playing a destructive set on the Heavy SA festival, Funeral Moon are at their visceral best, their blackened metal is assaulting the ears of the masses. The 5 members are going full tilt tonight, the vocals from Kegan are nothing short of venomous. The whole show is an aural blitzkrieg. The guitar work is frantic and drums sound immense. Those who don’t know their drummer, please stop reading and go and educate yourself. Sadly from a reviewer point of view I’m unfamiliar with their work this being the first, but definitely not the last time to see Funeral Moon. This is perfect starter for the rest of the night.

Voros are absolutely stoked to be a part of tonight gig. Speaking on Facebook to guitarist Matt Disisto he mentioned that being on the bill tonight was a massive tick of his bucket list of dream bands to play alongside with. He and the rest of the band are visibly excited and that translates into fun on stage which the energy transfers to the whole floor to get everyone involved. Voros have honed their skills for a long time now and are at home on the stage at Fowlers. They thrash through brutal songs from their Diseased Deity album, most notably Devilment and Sea of Dead Trees. The band also thrilled the ravenous mob with a new song. Voros once again deliver a pounding set that will be remembered by all on this night.

For over 20 years of listening to metal tonight is special for me and everyone as well, we all have waited patiently for this. The wait is over. Hearing the guitars that made famous the “Swedish Metal Tone” rip out and I’m getting goose bumps. LG and the Entombed A.D. lads let loose and smash straight into their set. The crowd is going nuts at this stage with the room full of head banging and moshing.

Entombed A.D. brought their A-Game set list tonight playing material from the first albums. Revel in Flesh brought back memories but when the intro into classic Entombed song Left Hand Path it really sunk in that this is really happening. LG’s performance was engaging and seeing him scull a beer was a highlight also. The Swedish death metal legends definitely live up to their reputations tonight. The atmosphere these songs provide is nothing less than awe inspiring. The new song that Entombed AD live up to grinding death metal we all have grown up with. Tonight has been a momentous event that will live in the memories of all that came to witness the Mighty Entombed A.D.

Line-up: Entombed A.D., Voros, Funeral Moon

Reviewer: Adrian ‘Dren’ Barham
Photocredits: Max