Envenomed (Australia)

Metal-Roos: Congratulations on the signing with German record label El Puerto. How does it feel to go from touring local to EUROPE?!

Thanks a bunch, we’re absolutely wrapped mate! It’s fantastic to go from local pubs and clubs around our neighbourhood to signing with a world class Euro label  and getting on the world stage to show people on the other side of the world what we’re made of! It’s gonna be a Blast!!

M-R: You have opened for many bands, which tour has been a highlight ? 

We’ve opened for a few international headliners over the years from WARBRINGER to ANVIL, DRAGONLAND, The IRON MAIDENS and most recently LOUDNESS. But our favourite would have to have been supporting TRIVIUM on their 2016 Silence in the Snow tour. Love those guys!

M-R: Treat us to a crazy tour story ?

Our tour stories are pretty tame LOL… one time whilst in Adelaide I ordered what I thought was a lamb kebab and received beef… THE HUMANITY!@!&^@*&!

M-R: Who would you like to tour with next ? Band bucket list ?

OH man, that’s such a loaded question! I’m actually a big fan of our label co owner Torsten Ihlenfeld’s band BRAINSTORM and would give my left nut to go on tour with those guys! (2018’s ‘Midnight Ghost’ Album, So much kicking of asses on that one!!)


M-R: How did the band form, for our new listeners and fans  reading this today ?

I put the band together back in 2005 with a good friend of mine, Joe Philips the original drummer. We had a few different people in the band between then and 2009 when the project was shelved when I joined EYE OF THE ENEMY on guitar. We subsequently took a 3 or so year hiatus when I picked the project up again. 2014 saw the birth of our debut album Evil Unseen when we essentially started gaining traction with some great feedback all around the world with our video clip singles Burn the Sun and Within Me.

M-R: If you guys didn’t become Envenomed, or a band what else do you think you would be doing instead ?  

Probably cleaning toilets, who knows…

M-R: If you could invite  any celebrity to experience a VIP night with the band, who would it be ? 

Gene Simmons, he looks like he knows how to party! Plus he could fill us in on all our “patenting” needs..

M-R: Germany has given birth to many thrash metal bands , which of the big four (Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Tankard? ) would you choose  to hang  out with for the day?

I would have to say KREATOR hands down! Don’t get me wrong, the other guys are cool but Mille Petrozza is such a dude!! At Wacken in 2008 when I was there, he went on a 5 min rant in between songs about “Fuck Racists, you have no place in my metal, go suck a donkey dick” or something to that effect. LOL, it was ass kickingly awesome! WHAT A GUY!!

M-R: Your cover of Skyhooks classic Horror Movie, released not long after fellow local Aussie band Bastardizer did a Skyhooks cover also, was met with a warm reception from fans. How did it compare, do you think, from the response from fans, and the reception in Australia/Overseas? 

Yeah it was a big year for Skyhooks! We received a lot of positive feedback about the ‘Horror Movie’ cover, especially from Red Symons and Greg Mcainsh from the band itself. I’m spewing vocalist Shirley Strachan is no longer with us to see what a mockery I did trying to fit into his blue and gold suit! 

In regards to the reception here and overseas, I think it was greater here as Skyhooks and Red Symons were pretty much an Australian staple since they kicked off  and started entertaining folks all those years ago.

M-R: If you could shout out and or recommend any music for your fans to check out please?

Check out ‘Skyhooks Greatest Hits’ so many classic tunes! But for the more heavier tastes try some of the local Aussie talent we have around the country over here: Espionage, Asylum, Taberah, Shatter Brain, Silent Knight and Darker Half to name a few 😉

Interview Date: 2019-05-29

Interviewer: Candy

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