Epica – The Australian Enigma (Sydney, NSW)

19 March 2016 at Maxx Watts

Headed over to Maxx Watts just a little bit late at around 2000 as Google told me doors were at 1900. Thankfully Google was wrong doors opened at 8:30 with the mighty Voyager kicking off the night, just before 2100.

The Perth based progressive metallers kicked off their set with “Momentary Relapse of Pain” the opening song from their fourth album “Portal of I”, then delving straight into their newer works with a song from aptly named 5th album “V”. 3rd song went back to a favourite from Portal of I “Seize the Day” but I may be wrong on this.  The next couple of songs came from “V”, I believe… as I have for most of Voyagers rise been a little behind the 8 ball with this band so I don’t know the names to the songs from “V“, so sadly I cannot state which ones were played. However they did finish strong with the crowd getting into full head banging mode for the title track to “Portal of I”.

Epica took the stage to cheers and whistles kicking straight off with “Second Stone”. Simone Simons was dominating the stage stalking from left to right and jumping onto the drum podium in order to sing out to the undulating masses before her. Having not heard much of Epica’s music before I was pleasantly surprised to hear the growls from Mark Jansen, giving some of the songs a darker gravity then I was expecting from the symphonic metallers. Just after what I would have thought was the midway point Epica played “Cry for the Moon” which from the reactions of the crowd is one of their most beloved songs. After a couple more songs they closed out their initial set with “Design your Universe”. Fortunately for us this was not the last our ears were able to feast on, as they had a few more songs for us as part of the encore including, “Sancta Terra” and “Consign to Oblivion”.

Over all the entire was an immersive and spectacular show of the more melodious and harmonic sides of heavy metal, was definitely a show to live on in the memory of all those attended.

Cheers and Beers

Line-up: Epica, Voyager

Reviewer: Occa
Photocredits: Mira Live Photography