EVERMORE – In Memoriam (Album Review)

Release Date: April 21st 2023 - Scarlet Records

EVERMORE - In Memoriam

Evermore is a melodic metal band from Sweden, formed by Johan Karlsson and Andreas Viklands – the band completed by singer Johan “Blizz” Haraldsson. In 2020, the band released the three-song E.P. ‘Northern Cross’. In 2021, the full-length album ‘Court Of The Tyrant King’, and in 2023 sophomore album ‘In Memoriam’ emerged.

With a sound that is a meld of melodic power metal and traditional heavy metal, Evermore is a hard-hitting tour de force – think a spicy mix of iconic bands such as Helloween and HammerFall, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, and thrashers Megadeth and Metallica. The band’s debut album was a high bar-setting affair, feisty and fast-paced, with the new album ‘In Memoriam’ raising the bar to new heights! With nine songs across forty-two minutes, the band stretch their legs, expanding musical horizons and venturing outside the remit of a melodic metal band – ‘Nova Aurora’ a stunning one and a half minute intro loaded with the highest levels of tension and anticipation you could ever wish for! Segueing straight into album opener proper, ‘Forevermore’, the band are instantly in full flight, powering on at pace, banging the heads of every listener everywhere!

Sweden is renowned for producing great power and heavy metal bands, with Evermore one of Sweden’s more recent exports – and with songs like ‘Forevermore’ soaring high and lighting up the world, Evermore is well on its way to the forefront of both the power and heavy metal genres. Not to mention the more recently acknowledged “melodic metal” genre too!
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The band move on with the more menacing and meaner ‘Nightfire’ – striding on at a mid-tempo pace, hitting hard and kicking harder. Yet the melodious intent is incredible, especially over the chorus break – Evermore launching their new album with a spectacular opening one-two!

A one-two that becomes a spectacular one-two-three with the all-out speed metal fury of ‘I Am The Flame’ – and a head bang ability that’s second to none! Think Helloween and all the other great European heavy and power metal bands, and you’ll get some idea of ‘I Am The Flame’s oomph and oof! Some idea yes, but until you actually listen, you won’t feel the full Evermore force, and just how fucking great it is! And with more majesty than heard so far, ‘Empire Within’ is a bold, head-held high swagger of mid-paced, mid-tempo thunder – the band slowing the momentum yet increasing the sonic superbability! Oh, come on, spell check, it’s gotta be a word! No! Okay, I’ll hyphenate it then – superb ability! Are you happy? Good! Let’s move on – so with great superb-ability, ‘Empire Within’ is a stunning song and one of the best the album has to offer. But then, all the songs on offer are great – ‘Broken Free’ upping the energy and pace, powering on with a heaviness that places Evermore at the heavier end of the power metal genre. Yet the lead into the chorus is a wonderfully mellow moment, setting up the listener to be wowed with a fast-paced and sing long-able chorus. Simply outstanding from the Swedish three-piece!

The title song, ‘In Memoriam’, is the longest song on offer, clocking in at almost seven minutes in length, and returns the majestic feel of earlier. And what a feeling! The band have elevated their sound to a new level, soaring with the eagles and saying hello to the angels perched on clouds! ‘In Memoriam’ (the song) is an absolute belter and would easily slot in as the climactic ending to any Iron Maiden album…Iron Maiden the masters of epic, longer songs that bring a show-stopping end to an album. But ‘In Memoriam’ (the song) is not the ending of this album – there are still two more to come! The first of which, ‘Parvus Rex’, returns to the pace of earlier, motoring on with the power-driven heavy metal panache of legends Judas Priest. Evermore, maintaining the incredible intensity of the album, are in sparkling form as the band roar onto the final song. And what a song! ‘Queen Of Woe’ is a red-hot scorcher full of pace, power and oomph – a fantastic end to a stunning album. An album that’s going to be on fan’s playlists for some time to come.
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Overall, an incredibly infectious and attractive melodic power metal album, highly energetic and massively head bang-able.


Nova Aurora
I Am The Flame
Empire Within
Broken Free
In Memoriam
Parvus Rex
Queen Of Woe

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Release Year: 2023
Label: Scarlet Records
Category: Album
Country: Sweden

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire and Metal-Roos.