EYEHATEGOD Brisbane (Brisbane, QLD)

16 November 2019 at The Crowbar

Back to the dungeon of the Crowbar & the Home of the Heavy strikes again with Direct & Soundworks Touring bringing us some good old Sludge Metal. 

Beginning the Sludgefest were local GC lads The Black Swamp. The Swampies are a personal favourite so up the front I went to wallow. They warmed up the crowd with a blaster 5 song set starting with Purge, Headless – a fav to groove/headbang to.  Then Common Crows & Event Horizon from the album Witches. Completing the warm up lap for the evening & the set was Mountain – another classic, as this song moves through different highs & lows in both vocals & song structure. As per usual Swamp fans show their appreciation just as loudly as the band entertains. What else can I say – support your locals because they are bl00dy LEGENDS! Follow them down in the lowlands here


The next lot of blackness slams you hard in the face, with Dougy bashing out some unbelievable beats, Milla storming the stage like a man possessed & one of the most animated guitarists on the East Coast in Nano this trine completes the madness that is Black Rheno. Straight off the bat the crowd was wild & ramping up the bands energy further. The stoner, sludge began in 2015 & have burnt a hole in the road with touring. I had a Gentleman standing in front of me wearing a shirt of one of their classic singles No Time for Numb Nuts & we weren’t disappointed in the offerings. The Sludge Grind based Metal is ace. Don’t be a numb nut & check out the Sydney lads right here. 


What a treat with a line up like this & the force behind it all were the Sludge Masters Eyehategod. Not proclaiming to align with the label of Sludge (to which I can understand if I didn’t have to write reviews I wouldn’t label anything – you like it you like it. End of story) The New Orleans 5 piece label themselves as “Down to Earth Motherf..ken Post Amplification Blues”. They are more punk rock in sound than their two previous support bands, but you can feel where they have helped mould the sludge metal scene. Beginning in the late 80’s they are definitely one of the pioneers. I have never had the privilege of seeing them before & as an introduction song they played Suicide – Ghost Rider, which as an old Swampy myself this caught my attention immediately. If these fellows like Suicide then I’m IN!! Loud as sin & there was some serious moshpit action. If they ever bless our shores again I’ll be there – one to add to the ever lengthening list of brilliant metal & underground bands.


Line-up: Eyehategod, Black Rheno, The Black Swamp

Reviewer: Tina Summers