Fear Factory in Adelaide (Adelaide, SA)

7 June 2016 at HQ Nightclub

A midweek concert isn’t the best to hold a concert but once again metal heads of Adelaide are out in anticipation for the mighty Fear Factory. Entering into the club was different, it’s the first time I have had to go through a metal detector. (They say metal heads are a rowdy bunch, we don’t have that to enter our usual venues.)

I haven’t been inside the HQ night club for years but it didn’t seem much different to me. There seems to be a lot of people surrounding the bar, but they’re a thirsty mob.

Opening up tonight’s festivities are one of Adelaide’s favourite head bangers, Truth Corroded. It was unusual to see them in an opening slot, but that’s cool. From the opening notes I can tell they are pumped to be on tonight’s bill. Their sound is heavier as I have heard it in a long time. That could be as simple as hearing them in a different venue either way it is a crushing performance from the 5 piece. A few of the punters have moved from the bar to the front of the stage to witness Truth Corroded up close and personal destroying us with their infectious Death Metal. The Truthies’ set comes to a close much too soon but it brings Fear Factory closer to the stage.

Up next are Circles, I’ll be honest I have never even heard of these dudes but that’s why tonight is so great, hearing new act we may have never have known about. Circles have a Death Metal/Hardcore punk infused kinda tone going on. A very polished and professional delivery but being unfamiliar with them I couldn’t really follow any of their songs but I did like what I heard though. One band to look up and find more about them.

On to tonight’s main act and band that I was very excited to see once the tour announcement was made a few months back, The ReGeneraTour.  It is a special evening as the band asked the fans to post their favourite songs onto a web poll and they will play them tonight – a fantastic idea. On stage was a chair. A few days before, Mr Dino Cazares did himself an injury to his foot, being the trooper and all round awesome guy he powered on.

The Industrial Metallers take to the stage… it go time…

Opening up with Demaunfacture, it is clear to all that the machine is well oiled and prepped to decimate all within. Burton’s voice has been criticised over the years but I can’t fault it tonight, sounding as powerful as their recordings. Being seated, Dino did seem a little bummed out, normally he’s bouncing all over, but did not stop him from shredding up a storm. Bassist Tony Campos played his heart out although very stagnant in his stage presence and Mike Heller is a beast behind the kit, his timing and rhythm is impeccable.  One of my favourites tunes and one I voted for is “What will become” those who know the song have a powerful opening bass line and it sounded so fucking heavy.  Tonight’s set was filled with songs taken from their back catalogue as well as songs from the new album. Anodized was a highlight of the new songs but as a long time Fear Factory fan I love the older songs, like Edge crusher, Archetype and best of all Replica. Hearing songs from Soul of a New Machine was a moment I had to pinch myself for. Martyr and Scapegoat were performed with such precision and an intensity I haven’t seen in them before.

Tonight wasn’t just a show it was an event! Big thanks to Truth Corroded and Circles for doing a stellar job. Destroy All Lines for bring us the gig tonight. HQ night club for the venue and extra safety with the metal detector and everyone who braved a Tuesday night to pay metal homage to the mighty Fear Factory… f**k yeah!!!!

Fear Factory’s new album Genexus is out now through Nuclear Blast, check out the review on Metal-Roos.com.au

Line-up: Fear Factory, Circles, Truth Corroded

Reviewer: Adrian ‘Dren’ Barham