LIVE PHOTOS: Metal United Down Under – Perth, April 2nd 2022

April 2nd 2022 - Milk Bar, Perth

Silent Knight - Metal United Down Under 2022 Perth | Photo Credit: Jessica Vaini

The ever growing Metal United Down Under returned for yet another year of celebrating local homegrown Aussie heavy music across Australia with several cities and towns all joining in. Perth of course was in for another one and despite the current restrictions which forced a few bands including Melbourne’s Victoria K plus locals Infinite Exile and Vulgarite to pull out, the show was deemed another successful night.

Another A list of Perth’s talent including the mighty Silent Knight topping the bill made this year’s Perth event a memorable one. A diverse mix of bands across many genres from melodic metal, stoner rock, prog metal, death metal and everything in between was showcased and proved once again what Perth had to offer.

Prognosis Negative kicked off the long day just as the sun was settling down, giving early punters a bit of groove and prog right off the bat. Jamart followed after with more prog elements as the crowd slowly spilled in through the doors. Icarus Lives showed off their new singer and impressed many who saw the band step things up another level.

Giant Dwarf brought the psychedelic stoner riffs to the stage and proved that heavy music comes in all forms. Ashen stepped in for the most heavy set of the night, getting the moshpit moving. Kimura belted out another solid set on the back of their latest album, the now veteran metal act showing some serious muscle in the groove department.

Closing out the night, Silent Knight smashed out another tight set full of riffs, melody and hooky chorus lines with their trademark power metal sound. It was a fitting end to MUDU Perth for another year and gives just another reason to support the local scene.


Photos by Jessica Vaini – JV Photo & Film




Metal United Down Under - Perth 2022