Girlschool Brisbane (Brisbane, QLD)

27 June 2019 at The Zoo

Feed Music & Hardline Media have spoilt us all with such a classic line up of bands from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.            

Not so British but definitely heavy were local lads Asylum greeting punters with their old school inspired thrash metal. Jimmy on lead vox & bass leading his comrades Shane & Rob on guitars & Levi on drums, through their set of thrashing majesty.  With influences of early Metallica, Manowar & Anthrax this more than warmed up the crowd. It’s not often that the support get punters headbanging & moshing but this was certainly the case this evening – their gigs are always enjoyable. Catch the Asylum boys EP Concealed Death on Bandcamp & at their next gig on the 27 July.  Follow their adventures here

The first of the evening NWBHM contenders was TANK, with their first beginnings more than 30 years ago they still “got it!” Growing from their original 3 piece to now a full & bellowing 5 piece they had the crowd singing along & enjoying each tune. Personal highlight was their 3rdsong Judgement Day where original members Mick Tucker & Cliff Evans played a dual guitar solo which shows that practice does indeed make perfect. Getting the crowd chanting the local metal war cry of Odin with “YES YES YES YES!” they certainly had a great time. These legends will carry on.

If the energy wasn’t at high intensity already then Raven booted it up another 10 notches. THE original Thrash band – 44 years in fact! Without these North English Gents there would be no Thrash Metal. They are incredible! The Gallagher Brothers (the COOL ones) John on his 12 string bass & Mark on guitar are powerhouses of energy – what did their Mother feed them? Running around the stage, playing fast heavy thrash – with Mike Heller from Fear Factory backing them up like a juggernaut on drums. Announcing a new album in the works & they had a current live album available – all I can say is stuff energy drinks – Thrash is the KEY! Their song Faster Than the Speed of Light was a highlight – catch these fellas they are unstoppable.

And now to the Jewel in the Crown. Girlschool. These ladies are the Queens of the NWBHM scene. Formed in 1978 & best mates with Motorhead – these Ladies are The Original Metal Goddesses. Playing tonight for our listening pleasure the current line up of co-founders Kim McAuliffe (lead vox/guitar) & Denise Dufort (drums) are joined by the Jackie Chambers (lead guitar) who has been with the band since 1999 & Tracy Lamb (bass) making a return appearance. Even though Kim was suffering a lurgy & warned punters in the front row they might be infected, she powered through the tunes & singing as best she could. Legends! Some highlights were Hit & Run & a singalong with the crowd to Nothing to Lose. 911 Emergeny & Bomber finished the set. After Kims dedication to her dear mates Lemmy & Phil, stating that there would be a party up there with them both, you can tell their love of music is to the core. As a female of the species I am inspired & empowered by these women. ROCK ON!


Line-up: Girlschool, Raven, Tank, Asylum

Reviewer: Tina Summers
Photocredits: Tamcam Images