Glass Ocean / Ebonivory (Brisbane, QLD)

29 February 2020 at The Outpost

Got to love a night out at The Outpost, a venue which is fast becoming one of my favourite places to catch a live gig in Brisbane these days. Great staff, friendly security and outstanding atmosphere. A venue you can get up close and personal with your favourite bands and really enjoy your music experience. 

To start the night a new band to me and that’s no surprise as I found out it was their first foray into the realms of playing for the masses was A Place in Prague, these boys put in a solid effort showcasing a grungy raw sound that was enjoyable, showed me and everyone else there that they will be a band to keep an ear out for in the future. 

Next one up was Weightless in Orbit, a band I have had the privilege of seeing before. Repping their own brand of screamo with some funky fresh bass lines and heavy breakdowns. I especially enjoy their bluesy sound with just a little touch of sca. Despite being heavy and hard there is a carefree carnivale vibe which is refreshing and fun.

Now I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to become a bit of an Ebonivory fan. I have seen these lads 3 times in 12 months and I am always keeping my ears out for when they are heading back my way. With the promise of new music I can say keen was a massive understatement, I was hyped! 

Front and centre for the entire set I got treated to a tight performance that has left me wanting more. The new track Explosions After Dark is epic, a real roller coaster, switching  from in your face heavy to pleasantly surprising serenity. Overall a killer track that will keep me waiting for the next release and the next gig.

Onto our finale for the night Glass Ocean with their easy rolling style of rock with a sneaky touch of something heavier. So many differing sounds at times I had to remind myself that they were the same band, lost in the rhythm and undulating vocals of what is a very professional outfit.

Overall a very unique sounding band that obviously draws from a multitude of influences from varying genres and it shows in the overall product they offer, a band that anyone can find a moment they really dig in their performance. 

I cannot express what a happy little human I am to know that live music is making a resurgence in Brisbane, with new venues like the Outpost throwing open their doors to give time and space to upcoming and established bands it’s hard not to be excited about the prospects.


Line-up: Glass Ocean, Ebonivory, Weightless in Orbit, A place in Prague

Reviewer: Stephen Simpson
Photocredits: Just Ignore The Camera Photography