Glasya – Attarghan (Album Review)

Release Date: February 22nd 2022 - Scarlet Records

Glasya – Attarghan

Portugals Glasya has returned with the mighty tale of Attarghan the enemy who becomes a hero. Fighting against the army he once led the tyrannical horrific forces of Persian Emperor Houman. It is also an Epic Power Metal record conjured by the gods.

Glasya takes true heavy metal and energizes it with power, adds some symphonic metal as well and the concept album is a rewarding journey from start to finish. The Mezza Soprano vocals of Caterina Nix are superb, combined with Eduarda Soeiro’s they weave a tale of mighty war, redemption, rescue, and hope amongst the ruins.

“Way to Victory” Is so metal you can feel the glistening steel of battle whilst “First taste Of Freedom” with its beautiful vocal lines and soaring chorus are rousing. “From Enemy To Hero” is an epic Symphonic metal monster and very, very close to some of Nightwish’s more bombastic moments.

Attarghan takes no prisoners and is so gloriously over the top, nothing is spared in delivering its tale, Queens Temptation and its Mediterranean influence might be overly long but tell important parts of the story yet “Retaliation” ties all the elements together excellently delivering some of the album’s heaviest moments. Whilst the musical influences are hard to shake and very noticeable Attarghan is so good, delivered with such passion and intensity.

A power/symphonic metal record for those who love their tales of battle, swords dripping blood in the sand, alliances with beautiful maidens, betrayal, redemption, and fist-pumping goodness Glasya delivers on all accounts. The music is polished to perfection and those amazing vocals enchanting Attarghan is the perfect soundtrack for those who love Metal.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Scarlet Records
Category: Album
Country: Portugal

Reviewed by Sparky