Hate (Poland)

Metal-Roos: Hi! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions today, I really appreciate it. First off you have an extensive tour on the horizon, excited for the tour? Any show that you are especially looking forward too?

Hate: Oh yes, we’re looking forward to visiting far Asia for the first time. It’s gonna be fascinating trip I guess. I’m looking forward to being in Mongolia and Japan especially. It’s like a dream from early childhood coming true.

Metal-Roos: Is there a venue or place that you have always wanted to play? A dream set?

Hate: Well, there are still quite a lot of places to visit: some Latin American countries like Colombia or Peru, Australia and most of Asia for example.

Metal-Roos: Any chance of swinging past Australia when you guys hit Japan?

Hate: Not this time unfortunately. The schedule for this tour is fixed. But of course, we would love to visit Australia for some shows if there is an opportunity. I believe it will happen sooner or later!

Metal-Roos: How do Hate usually prepare for a tour? Any specific routines you guys go through before hitting the road?

Hate: Our normal routine is a solid two-days rehearsal with a long set of songs we could choose from while on tour.

Metal-Roos: You have said the strict spiritual restrictions of Catholicism made you want to ‘break the system’ – is this what started Hate?

Hate: At the very beginning, yes. These days my motivation is more profound and deeper than just opposing that old illusion.

Metal-Roos: Congratulations on the recent signing with Metal Blade! How did that relationship develop? Are you able to give us an update on the ‘collaboration’?

Hate: Thanks a lot. We see this as a great opportunity to further development of the band. Metal Blade was the best choice for us at this stage, and it turned out that the interest was mutual. We managed to find an agreement in just a few days and the collaboration looks very promising. Our next record is planned in spring 2019 worldwide on Metal Blade. I can’t wait!

Metal-Roos: You have said that you hope to hit the studio in December, is there new material already written? If so, how is it sounding?

Hate: Most part of it is ready, and it sounds fantastic. It has the power of Erebos, but it’s generally more atmospheric and sophisticated. It also has this pagan, Slavic character at times like some songs on Tremendum, but it’s much more dynamic. Some songs are still in the making. It’s still unfolding in front of our eyes and ears.

Metal-Roos: Does the upcoming tour have an impact on the writing in Hate? Do you have the opportunity to write on the road?

Hate: It’s hard to work on new songs while on tour. I never do that. So, going on tour means taking a break from arranging new material. After that you can look at it again from some perspective and make necessary changes. Also, every tour is like a stream of inspiration, especially if you go to places you’ve never been to. So, it definitely has some influence on writing.

Metal-Roos: In Hate’s 2017 release Tremendum, it seems the creative inspiration for the band has shifted, where the blend of Industrial tinged Death and Black metal leaned more toward Death it now points to Black, was this a planned change of sound? Or was it from the influence behind the album? Do the industrial elements in Hate’s music have a specific influence?

Hate: Tremendum was a result of natural evolution. Our music has been evolving towards darker and more atmospheric form for a long time. However, it has not lost the dynamic, powerful and twisted elements typical for Death Metal. A good example of the combination is a new song Path To Arkhen that we have published recently in form of pre-production / rough mix track. Talking about industrial / ambient influences, I think they have something to do with my fascination of dark industrial electro and alternative music, both metal and non-metal versions of it. It is still present in our music and it will be even more exposed on the new record.

Metal-Roos: Going back to spirituality for a second, Hate have a striking visual aesthetic, you have said that it’s influenced by spiritual awareness and rejection of dogmas and religions, as opposed to simply rebelling against religion, has your personal belief evolved with your years with Hate?

Hate: My „years with HATE” as you put it, is a bigger part of my life. I’m not a religious peson. Actually I could not be further from any religion than I am now. I reject monotheism in all forms; it’s a simplification and a very stupid one. But I consider myself spiritual. I accept existence of energies that permates all living things and matter. I also accept the archaic notion of holiness, which is combined with both – good and evil element. One cannot exist without the other. So „holy” is not necessary good. It’s both. And it does not mean it comes from above or from god. It actually comes from within. And it’s an element that exist in all living matter. By the way, this concept is stressed in the old Slavic beliefs too. They used different terms, but the meaning is very similar.

Metal-Roos: The juxtaposition of using aggression to preach finding personal and spiritual freedom is an interesting discussion. Do you believe the message of Hate music is positive or negative? Does it depend on where the listener is coming from? Does that evolve as the music does?

Hate: Well, the fact that your music is aggressive and dark  does not mean that you use aggression against anybody. Also, I would not say that we are in a position to preach anything…  What we do is neither negative nor positive. It’s like a reflection of existence. Everything is there. Music is a stream of energy that evokes various emotional states, power, melancholy, obsession, domination, beauty etc.. Together with lyrics it gives you some deeper and more universal meanings that may move your mind and soul.  I also think that music is Magic in its purest sense, because it is the essence of one’s will in non-material, yet powerful form. It’s like a display of pure energy.

Metal-Roos: The idea that energy is eternal is fascinating to me, combine that with human consciousness, the life spark and death, it’s all very mystical, do you have any personal thoughts on the afterlife that you would care to share?

Hate: If there is afterlife, it’s not a simple continuation of the one you have. It’s a different story with a different purpose. So, it’s better to think that all that you have is now and here and you need to make the right use of it. You need to cultivate your „powerfield” as much as you can as long as you are in this world.

Metal-Roos: Finally, you have said that you consider Hate a part of something bigger, and is heading toward new and darker terrain, Is there an ultimate goal for Hate? Or like the balance between creation and destruction is it an endless journey of spreading your message and metal across the globe?

Hate: I would agree with both sentences. It’s like a journey on which you discover new „layers” of your own existence and of something much bigger than you will ever be. It’s fascinating and I can’t see the end of this journey. I’m kind of hungry for more.

Interview Date: 2018-09-10

Interviewer: Jonathan Hurley

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