Havok & King Parrot Tour (Sydney, NSW)

6 February 2014 at The Hifi Bar
As clear night graced The Hifi Bar people were slowly coming and awaiting Havok. It was a good night for a concert especially for metal fans and people were in good spirits to thrash the night away.

We had Gutter Tactic to start the show off. They are a well chosen band to warm up the blood as they played a good heavy set. The vocalist showed great stage presence and screaming power. The crowd started filling up towards the end of their set.

Second on the list was Basterdizer which continued the assault of brutality. Basterdizer came to destroy all senses, with a mix of Old School Metal and Black. They certain helped the crowd know there was a show. The Vocalist was cheering the crowd with his beer.

Melbourne Thrashers Desecrator exploded on stage as soon as the curtain opened with a chunky riff – I watched the crowd turn their heads as soon as this opening riff was played. The band did a great job involving the crowd and I was even banging my head up the back while watching them. The sound was so loud the double kicks would vibrate straight through you. The boys definitely showed their passion as well as talent with some awesome solo duells between the guitarists and showed a lot energy on stage. The crowd got louder as they played their track Brothers in Arm which was a standout and crowd pleaser.

King Parrot is a band I have heard so much about but never heard or seen any of their music or shows. So I was not sure what to expect.
What did we get as soon as the curtain opened? Bald heads, long hair, beer guts, and basterdry, exactly what is needed for a metal show. The crowd flocked straight to them as soon as their started and their stage show was definitely entertaining, with a lot of energy. The singer easily got the crowd in tight and made them go crazy like they were begging them to riot. The boys certainly love stirring the pot with the crowd and don't hold back what they are thinking, especially giving the guys in the patch jackets a hard time. The vocalist got into the crowd a couple of times and was carried all around the venue.

I am very new to Havok but like King Parrot, I have heard plenty about them and I have to admit I was excited to see what they would bring to the fold. As the place goes dark and quiet the crowd gathered with an operatic intro and a loud bang the place exploded into thrashing chaos. As soon as Havok started the crowd started jumping. Havok did an awesome job in keeping the crowd alive during the first part of their set they were headbanging in unison, belting each other, bodies were going everywhere, especially during "I am State". Even the band got really into this one with screaming power, fast tempos and gut wrenching drumming. The boys kept telling the crowd to have a good time which they surely did fist pumping in the air, during the tempo change the crowd really got into it.

What I found funny was when they teased the crowd with an AC/DC interlude, they stopped playing the crowd booed and David Sanchez said "The most American band in the world is Australian" Yes we all had a laugh at that one. "Under the Gun" was another stand out as a very Rock 'N' Roll influenced track which we all got into. The crowd somewhat dimmed towards the end but during the final track every one came to life to enjoy one last piece of Havok. The boy finished strong in true metal style leaving the crowd wanting more.

Overall all bands performed well and it was enjoyed by all who attended. I was particularly impressed by Desecrator and I expect they will be around for some time and I will be looking out for them next time they are in town. My own personal experience watching Havok has been a good one and they put on a fantastic show. One of the best things they did was not do the whole encore thing, they played start to finish and played for the fans.

Line-up: Havok, King Parrot, Desecrator, Basterdizer, Gutter tactic

Reviewer: Brent Logan