He Danced Ivy (Brisbane, QLD)

4 May 2019 at Wooly Mammoth

I was told to expect a great line up of bands, and I wasn’t disappointed. Having already seen Inovo once before I was definitely keen to see them again. Not knowing the other bands on the bill, I must admit I did some pre gig homework and I was pretty impressed with the variation of sounds coming at me in the evening to come. Then venue was also new to me and I was impressed with the layout and atmosphere.

Inovo were the first band off the bat. After being there early enough to catch their soundcheck I was anticipating a great start to the night from the local Brissy boys. With a solid sound and great off-beat melodies they set the bar pretty high for things to come. I especially like the haunting vocal style of Declan, the lead singer. With a set of varied styles these lads did not disappoint.

The Stranger were next to take the stage and the took it and shook it hard. With the powerful vocal styles and some seriously heavy drums, these boys soon had the crowd up and going. They were a pleasure to watch and one I will be looking forward to seeing more of in the local Brisbane music scene. The big surprise for me was the singer’s versatility and ease of switching between a very classically trained and controlled singing to some heavy screamo that would rival some of the big metal bands I have seen over the years… another Brissy band I will be keeping my eye on.

Ebonivory put on a great set considering they were a member down and at the end of their current tour. All things considered, these guys played hard and had a great stage presence with an immense amount of energy. I will be looking forward to seeing them again at full strength if I get the chance to because they are a very well put together unit that has big things in their future. The singer Charlie has a great vocal range and varied tools in his arsenal which made this set enjoyable to say the least.

He Danced Ivy are a very polished and professional unit with amazing crowd interaction throughout their performance. At one stage, the lead singer was fully immersed and riding a wave of hands whilst playing guitar without missing a note. Some great melodies carried by the lead and back-up vocals with each member contributing something entirely different, definitely making these guys stand out from the crowd.

With some deep grunge and some playful funk, it was hard not to be into these guys. The crowd was up on their feet and enjoying every minute of this high energy performance. Seamless transitions, inventive breakdowns and an edgy fun vibe makes you want to give back as much as you’re getting from this band.

You really have to love a band that obviously loves being on stage and performing and it shows through with these boys. With an upcoming tour and a new ep out, they are certainly on the up and up and as an avid watcher and listener of the Brisbane music scene I am sure to see them again soon.

Serious not a band on the card that I wouldn’t see again and hopefully many more chances to be lucky enough to review such talent.

Line-up: He Danced Ivy, EbonIvory, The Stranger, Inovo

Reviewer: Stephen Simpson
Photocredits: Just Ignore The Camera