He Danced Ivy, Toothcutter Single Launch (Brisbane, QLD)

9 August 2019 at The Bear Lodge

Energy was unquestionably overflowing tonight with fans waiting in anticipation for the He Danced IvyToothcutter‘ single launch. A brilliant group of bands personally selected by He Danced Ivy were set to support them at the quaint but intimate venue, The Bear Lodge. Increasingly becoming one of my favourite smaller venues, I knew I was in for great night. After being treated to a taste test of the local beers on tap by the friendly staff I grabbed my beverage of choice and set myself up front ready for the show. The three supports were all newbies to me, and I had no idea what I was in for. But going by the amount of people already flowing in, I could tell I wouldn’t be disappointed.


Starting of the night was Vesper Green a local Brisbane 4-piece. A young band, only forming back in 2016 jumped to the stage with the confidence of any good established band. They came with their signature grunge/alt-rock sounds and set the mood for the night. I was instantly reminded of bands like Nirvana and Alice and Chains and it’s no wonder they are making waves in the local Alt-Rock community. Vesper Green have made a name for themselves and you could tell by the growing crowd that these guys are going places. Singer Nick Ashby (Vocals) had a great grungy sound and the guitar work and beats were tight. Playing to a now filling room they had us all singing along to their set. A favourite of mine was Innocent Illiterate. I enjoyed this band and they even finished off the night playing us some good old Nirvana. 

When Dead Before Breakfast took to the stage, they instantly stood out to me. This Melbourne trio, once from Brisbane are back and ready to rock. This progressive alt-rock band has a mix of soaring vocals and catchy soft melodies. The power, singer Ben Karklins has in his enchanting voice, captured everyone’s attention while Darren Lau (Bass) and Curtis Hatton’s (Drums) energy matched, making it a very enjoyable set. Even after musical hibernation they had us eating out of their entertaining hands. They released their first album earlier this year Rogue, and I will most definitely be adding it to my Spotify list. Absolutely loved them and a favourite song that stood out was Hold my Fear or as they introduced it as Hold my Beer. This song had soft smooth vocals combined with a proggy punchy bass line, I could feel the emotion when they played this song, they were telling a story and I was mesmerised. The banter this band shared on stage was proof of their friendship and even after Karklins broke a string the respect musicians show each other was evident. With Ivy lending them a guitar so they could continue their set.  These guys were ready to rock tonight, and they did just that. An absolute pleasure listening to these guys.    


Now to really prep us for the headline, Meliorist were up next. A great Metalcore band with some slight proggy guitars mixed in. This 5-piece from Brisbane have been around since 2015. The strong screamer vocals were the highlight for me. A sound that they perfected when they flew to America last year to develop. In search of a more powerful and unique sound they recorded their latest ablum while there and tonight we were treated to their new chunkier heavier sound. Frontman Andrew Corfield belted out powerful vocals and managed to keep a smile throughout the set. This enjoyment was shared by the band and they worked well together pumping out a belter of a show.  Clean, clear vocals exposed the emotion in their lyrics with an enjoyable kick in the guts from the punchy bass and beats. I’m very picky with my metalcore bands, but this new direction and international influence has made this another band to add to my list. Great sound and definitely got me pumped for the big finale.  


With excitement and energy, the night was well and truly ready to peak as final act, He Danced Ivy took to the stage. Now the last time I saw these guys I was honestly knee deep in water when they supported Twelve Foot Ninja at the Valley Drive In. Although absolutely saturated it was one of the best, most memorable shows I’d seen in a while. I was keen to see them in a much more comfortable location and tonight at The Bear Lodge I was ready to party. Tonight, was the launch of their newest single Toothcutter. If you haven’t seen the clip yet check it out here:

Toothcutter Youtube link

 I’ll just leave the link here for you all to experience, brilliance. I love how fun and energetic these guys are.

Absolutely smashing us with their stage presence, enthusiasm and humour. This band is fun with a little dash of crazy and you can see how much they enjoy performing together. The venue now full of fans, all here to witness the next best in Brisbane. Can’t complain, for $10 a ticket, we were in for a treat. The merch stand was busy with everyone wanting to get their hands on a little He Danced Ivy merch. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to pick up a new shirt that Mitch Hart (Bass) painstakingly hand tie dyed himself. Love your commitment Mitch, Thanks for that mate. Starting off with Guillotines, gearing us up with their spoken intro, before smashing us with more of their cleverness. Playing a favourite of mine Cutting it fine, this messy brilliance of song changes directions so often it leaves us moving to our own beats, just loved being in the crowd for this. I love that this band doesn’t rely on one or two singers, with all 4 playing their part in making their sound and lyrics different from the rest. Front man David Cheney asked us to separate for a quick game of handball. Randoms were picked out to challenge each other for a quick game before getting back to smashing it out again. These guys blend Punk, Alt rock and a delicious Proggy twist with their varying degrees of playfulness and theatrics between band members. The performance they put on is practiced and perfect, I just love seeing their personal enjoyment in performing as much as I enjoy watching it. Playing their newest single Toothcutter, we all went wild, I even saw some people doing the signature moves from the clip (You’ll know what I’m talking about when you watch the clip). This song is a huge hit and is gaining attention all over the world. An endless bucket load of energy kept pouring out of drummer Josh Hayes while they continue with their killer set, keeping us at a constant level chaos the rest of the night. Finishing off with The Verbal Kind a great way to end as it’s another one of my favourites. Knowing we were at the end we all got in and got a bit messy, a lot messy for some of us lol. Loving the madness this track evokes even Cheney and Sean Rudner (Guitar) rode the crowd wave before jumping back on stage to finish up an awesome set. 


A bloody enjoyable night with some great bands playing. If you haven’t caught, He Danced Ivy live yet, put it on your to do list. These crazy guys just keep getting better and better. I can’t wait to see them again when they play Mixed Grill at the Woolly Mammoth,October 11th. Jump on Moshtix and get your tickets before they sell out.

Mixed Grill Tickets Here


Line-up: He Danced Ivy, Meliorist, Dead Before Breakfast, Vesper Green

Reviewer: Cherie Smith
Photocredits: Just Ignore The Camera Photography